The Day I Met Jakub

This is a post I’ve wanted to write, for some time. I have struggled writing this, because it is so close to my heart. I want to keep it simple. But introduce to my readers the guy that’s already made such an impact on my life. I’ve briefly mentioned in previous blog posts, but this … More The Day I Met Jakub

Outfit – Black Velvet and Rubber – COS/Rufskin/Bang + Strike

Black Velvet & Rubber. Scouting locations to give the illusion I was still living in the city, after I moved back home, was a challenge. I wanted a backdrop that gave that industrial feel to my looks, to keep up with my current personal and fashion style. My dad’s company thankfully has this huge warehouse door, which was perfect substitute. It was … More Outfit – Black Velvet and Rubber – COS/Rufskin/Bang + Strike