Flower Power

Hope everyone has been enjoying the posts I’ve been writing recently. I’m feeling proud to be uploading again and slowly getting through this pile, of archived topics to write about and share. One thing I’ve always loved filling my room with, are flowers. I love flowers in general. Something bright, pretty and full of happiness. … More Flower Power

[Fashion News] – Jean Shrimpton V’s Lana Del Rey

Good evening to my readers! Lovely to be writing again, and tonight I want to showcase my appreciation to Jean Shrimpton & Lana Del Rey (aka Lizzy Grant). Jean Rosemary Shrimpton (pictured left) was considered to be one of the worlds first supermodels. She is an English model and actress and was in her prime, … More [Fashion News] – Jean Shrimpton V’s Lana Del Rey

Raspberry Bonbons

A little post to show the sweets that were purchased today! I was taken out to a HUGE garden centre and the name of it I cannot remember! But it was very nice, massive choice in plants! We had lunch there which was very good! Afterwards once back home I cycled to my friend Annie’s … More Raspberry Bonbons