[Fashion News] – Moohong

Moohong’s catwalk collection ‘Attitude’ showcases his take on the current fashions. It is a fusion between Temple and street styles, merging two worlds and creating this imposing collection. This artist is all about the opposites. The rights and wrongs, the beauty and chaos, concealment against exposure. His collection features a monochrome palette, but incorporating gorgeous … More [Fashion News] – Moohong

[Style News] – Joe Browns London Bloggers Photoshoot

Towards the end of October gone, a group of bloggers including myself were invited to take part in a photoshoot located in Shoreditch. Something new for some of us (myself I know), but a great day out. I’d never had an invitation for something like this so I was excited and a little nervous. I met … More [Style News] – Joe Browns London Bloggers Photoshoot