[Fashion News] – Moohong

Moohong’s catwalk collection ‘Attitude’ showcases his take on the current fashions. It is a fusion between Temple and street styles, merging two worlds and creating this imposing collection. This artist is all about the opposites. The rights and wrongs, the beauty and chaos, concealment against exposure. His collection features a monochrome palette, but incorporating gorgeous … More [Fashion News] – Moohong

[Fashion News] – Twisted Tailoring – Noose & Monkey

Evening readers, so going through my archived list of things to write about and I wanted to share a menswear brand that I came across. Their début back in 2013 has seen their progression with collaborations with Hype clothing and being sold in stores such as Topman and online retailer ASOS. Let me introduce… –   … More [Fashion News] – Twisted Tailoring – Noose & Monkey

[Fashion News] – Anatomical Fashion By Kofta

Good Morning! So I came across this artist who’s inspired fashion collection is of the extraordinary. Konstantin Kofta who’s own label Kofta combines functioning garments and accessories that showcase anatomical design and flair. The surrealism within his work has lead to some creepy, but intriguing designs. Each collection is represented with a theme, the themes … More [Fashion News] – Anatomical Fashion By Kofta