[Daily News] – Miniseries – The Hollow Tunnels

Good evening readers, as promised is my mini series post. Clams Casino – I’m God I wrote in my previous post about shooting a minimalistic series. It happened whilst I was working for another branch and I was covering their store. Underneath the store held this tunnel system, for workers along the street to empty … More [Daily News] – Miniseries – The Hollow Tunnels

[Daily News] – My Rather Late Christmas Holiday Post

A nice morning to blog about my adventures over Christmas. I would be writing this with a cup of tea, but I wore new shoes out and now I’m stuck in my bed with terribly sore feet. I’m talking blisters! (and still no tea) I would suggest getting comfy (with tea (and biscuits too!!) because … More [Daily News] – My Rather Late Christmas Holiday Post