Travel – Prague – Literature & Latex

Fetish, but make it high fashion. So Jacob and myself are a couple of gays into latex/rubber. But we both adore it creatively and how its been used in the fashion industry. Mixing fetish and fashion. Celebs like, Kim Kardashian & Kylie Jenner have been doing it recently. Long before our trip I had gotten … More Travel – Prague – Literature & Latex

Travel – Prague – The Church Of St. Nicholas

During our adventures throughout the city of Prague, Jacob and myself came across this huge church. It protruded out of the city itself with a rounded and domed top. The Church of St. Nicholas stood proudly when seen from afar. I posted this photo previously in my: Adventures In The City post about Prague and … More Travel – Prague – The Church Of St. Nicholas

Travel – Prague – Adventures In The City

It is always such a great feeling isn’t it? Stepping off the plane onto the runway whenever you are on holiday. Especially because I am not a fan of flying! BACK ON SAFE GROUND. BACK ON SAFE GROUND. But that feeling of knowing you are in a new city makes flying all worth it. As … More Travel – Prague – Adventures In The City

Travel – Prague – President Hotel Review

You’ll find it interesting to know that I’ve never been to a 5-Star Hotel. I’ve always been quite strict on budgeting for myself, so it was a new experience to go with my partner for our very first trip away together. Jacob oversaw the accommodation and found this wonderful place just situated alongside the river … More Travel – Prague – President Hotel Review

Travel – Glasgow – Dakota Deluxe Hotel Review

Tommy & Jacob take Glasgow, Scotland. Well we did back in May 2018 for my birthday. It was a huge surprise and looking back at the photos, its so much fun to reminisce over the 48 hours we spent there. Like the ‘Prague Travel Series‘ which you can read about here in the link. I … More Travel – Glasgow – Dakota Deluxe Hotel Review