Review – Sway’s Essence Mist & Why You Need It

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I wanted to share a product that I am currently loving in my skincare collection with you all by a brand called: ‘Sway‘. Or as they are known online through their website – Love My Sway.

Sway Skincare

It was through shopping in the skincare section of TKMAXX that I came across this skincare brand. I’m usually a sucker for a quirky sounding brand, so I eagerly picked up this product. I must admit too, that before my visit in-store I’d never heard of Sway skincare and I tend to put down anything ‘facial mist’ related too. Only because I was uneducated in what exactly they are all about. My initial thought was an overpriced solution of fancy water for your skin, but I was SO wrong.

I want to clarify that the product I’m discussing today is in-fact an ‘Essence Mist’ [*pause for dramatic effect] – So, an essence is serum liquid that has a more watery based consistency. You’ll find it is usually packed with very concentrated key ingredients and can come in variety of product forms. A mist is finer and lighter in its consistency. Being in that format allows and the formula to be doused across the skin evenly.

Essence Mist – Cucumber

Jumping into the product by Sway itself, the bottle comes in a generous 150ml format. I found the design of the box and applicator to be minimal and a colour I instantly was drawn towards. A calming green/blue that reminds me of the ocean and water actually. The bottle is sleek, contemporary and doesn’t overshadow itself with too many details. The box was clear in it’s name, ingredient list and all the information I needed to know about this product. I found navigating across each side swift and the more I read, the more I was antsy to try this mist out.

The formula’s first ingredients are a blend of Cucumber Fruit Extract Water & Aloe Barbadensis Inner Leaf Juice. Which is a refreshing change (pardon the pun) from the usual purified water/aqua that is noticeable in a high number of skincare products on the market. It lists it’s key ingredients alongside its full ingredient list to give exact details to the consumer. You’ll find its key componants:

  • Cucumber Hydrosol – Rich in essential vitamins and amino acids which nourish the skin, hydrate and soothe sensitive skin. Promotes skin cell turnover whilst being a natural astringent. Cucumber is naturally both cooling and hydrating.
  • Coconut Water – Rich in antioxidants, Vitamin C and for being an antimicrobial heavyweight champ. Encourages the growth of skin cells, whilst aid in the fight towards blemishes.
  • 72-Hr Hydration Complex – Allows for a reservoir of moisture that continues to drench your skin for up to 72 hours. This is achievable with the use of a natural plant-derived ingredient, which shares a carbohydrate complex that is identical to our skin. Binding properties allow moisture levels to be consistently regulated for the allowed time.
  • Hyaluronic Acid (HA) – A humectant that draws moisture to the skin like a magnet. The HA in this formula has a molecule size that is considerably lower than average to allow deeper penetration into the skins. You’ll instantly find your skin feels healthier, plumped and hydrated.
  • Green Tea Extract – A powerhouse in natural antioxidants and essential vitamins. This skin-healing ingredient actively tackles skin discolouration, calms irritation and fights against natural ageing.

Final Thoughts

I really didn’t know how I was going to feel by this product, but I have to say its MAJESTIC. I’ve tried a good handful of facial mists/sprays and I have found them to be awfully ‘wet’ on the skin before anything else. Like someone hosing you down in the garden. It never had that instantaneous enjoyment as it hit my skin. Its always been a kind of ‘meh’ reaction.

Essence Mist (Cucumber) by Sway has an impact on my skin for sure. It truly feels lovely as the fine mist blankets the skin just enough that you don’t feel soaked from the get-go. I’m talking, veil-like appreciation on the skin. I am sensitive prone too and often have reactions to products, even those suitable for my type. So far, this mist hasn’t given me any bother. In fact its calmed my skin numerous times if I’ve had a bath that was too warm and felt my skin was hot afterwards. It is beautiful to use on a day that is hot for a refreshing blast across the skin/body. I pair it with my Garnier Aloe Toner and my skin begins to cool down instantly.

I suffer too with IBS problems, which I’ve mentioned on the blog and my body reacts alongside that with radical temperature fluctuating. Basically I feel either extremely hot or cold at times when my body/tummy is not ‘happy’. When I’m having an hot episode I find it helps to keep my feet and head as cool as I can. Choosing not to wear socks/slippers, or having my feet in a washing up bowl of cold water brings my body temperature down. But actively using this mist as-and-when I need to, has kept that cool and chilled level across my skin and has helped me so much recently. It really has made a huge difference since I’ve been using it and it is a product I will definitely be buying again for myself. I’m left dewy, hydrated and cooled. What it declares on the box is what I got for my skin and I couldn’t be more happier with it. You can reapply as many times as you desire to keep the surface layer of your skin comfortably blanketed.

Overall I’m really pleased with this essence mist and I hope to be able to buy myself more from this sensitive range at some point. The mist was incredibly fine and great against the skin and the formula works wonders on my sensitive skin. I was able to get this for a cheeky £10 in my local TKMAXX, but it retails for $32 on Sway’s website. I’d definitely recommend you check them out!


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