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So recently I’ve had the opportunity to trial out a teeth whitening kit by the men’s health, wellness and lifestyle brand, ‘Man Behind The Mirror‘. They’d reached out to me via my Instagram and asked whether I’d like to test out one of their treatment kits, more specifically teeth whitening. It was perfect timing as I’d been tinkering with the idea to get my teeth cleaned and whitened.

Having white teeth is NOT a deep thing to really fret over, honestly there are bigger things happening in the world. But I know not having it can bring a sense of insecurity to a lot of people, especially around the constant barrage of social media. There is always a recurring stigma to have that beautiful gleaming white smile, you see it everywhere online and on posters at the dentist. Realistically teeth naturally should have a slight yellowy/grey hue to them, even more if it comes through your genetics. I know for myself personally that it has bothered me previously growing up that my smile wasn’t like everyone else. As I look back now as a 29 year old, ‘everyone’ realistically were the people I saw through the magazines, television, online and through advertisements.

I find it brilliant that you can use a kit at home to steer your teeth into a direction you can feel more comfortable about. Obviously there are many ‘home style’ treatment kits on the market that brighten your teeth and its important to really look into what a brand offers. I know from going to varied dentists (public and private), they have all disregarded the idea of home whitening kits and encourage you to use their facilities to ensure safety to your teeth. However that being said, I was more than happy to trial this specific teeth whitening kit. As ‘Man Behind The Mirror‘ backs up each treatment with evidence, science and facts. Something that brings comfort to a consumer.

Who Is ‘Man Behind The Mirror

Created by Matt Sweeney and his co-partner Chris who both quit their jobs back in November 2019 to create this user friendly platform for men of all backgrounds to gather and enjoy. Providing evidence-based treatments and advice to regular problems we as men often face. Their current range consists of 4 packages: HAIR (hair thinning), ED (erectile dysfunction), TEETH (whitening) & MIND (anxiety).

The current market is lacking with trusted and informative platforms for men to go to online. To acquire safe advice, information and answers to questions that are actually pretty damn normal. Speaking as a man myself, before coming out and enjoying being a fabulous proud gay, I found it hard to ask for advice. I would feel stupid and usually put off seeking help to queries because I thought any problem would go away. To be frank, I wish someone had slapped me and told me what a fool I was back then. Any gents reading this DON’T suffer in silence, I cannot stress this enough. Ask and seek help anytime of the day, that is the normal thing you should be doing. It is actually the most rewarding thing you can do for yourself and guess what, your “manlihood” wont crumble down.

Man Behind The Mirror‘ has been created for men of all types to have a safe place to ask questions and seek help. It is set up by a team of men who understand the problems that we as men can face during our lifetime. They have partnered alongside GP’s & pharmacies to provide medically approved information, with online consultations and home delivery. They are a team that care and choose to actively make a difference to the male consumer community. Each treatment that is available has extensive research and science behind it to back up the claims they provide. You can check out the link to their website throughout the blog post and at the bottom of this page too.

The Teeth Whitening Treatment

Onto the main focus for this post, I wanted to share my initial thoughts and results from using this home teeth kit with the photos showing before the treatment and afterwards.

The kit itself comes in a smart and minimalist white box. Labelled with the ingredients of the gel formula on the back and the contains that were contained inside too. The box itself was appreciated by me, because it was simple in design and very neatly presented. This type of product could easily sit on a bathroom shelf without drawing attention to itself. In fact, I believe the attention it would receive would show it as a luxury type of product. It is clear to see that from looking at style of this product.

Inside was no different, it had the 3 syringe-style gels lined a top, the LED light on the left and mouth tray to its right. It contained the instruction booklet and shade guide to compare. It really was an enjoyable experience opening and everything just being labelled easily. No fuss, just exactly what it was. The 8-step instruction guide was simple to follow, unlike a flatpack from IKEA. It was straight to the point and within seconds you were ready to use the treatment. Each piece (apart from the gummy mouth guard) was monogrammed with the brand logo, which brought a sense of pride to the product. Its clear to see they take great care in the treatments they provide.

Following the guide and readying my treatment, I would position it into the mouth and press the button to begin the LED light treatment. It advises you to time the treatment between 10-15 minutes.

My Verdict

It really is quite simple and I found it super easy to follow, I will be honest in saying that. One solid problem I faced however was the size of the mouth guard didn’t seem to fit my mouth shape well. The instructions direct you to gently apply pressure once the guard is inserted to ‘hold’ it into place. Personally I found I was holding the guard in more with one hand as it didn’t feel correctly comfortable to be left alone for the duration of the treatment. I found applying too much pressure to ensure it was locked in place began to give my jaw some discomfort. Again, this isn’t a serious issue by any means and maybe more just a personal preference to myself. But I curious to know if anyone else has maybe had a similar issue with their own mouth shape. Maybe with future development the guard could be tweaked slightly in a way that it can be moulded to the persons mouth.

I loved the fact I found no sensitivity was found on my teeth after using the gel for the 10-15 minutes. Even still after the whole treatment course was completed, I find my teeth resilient and free from any sensitivity. I’ve read reviews on other kits on the markets that leave your teeth more prone to sensitivity so it was relieving to find this kit did the complete opposite. It all comes down to its formulated solution which is all backed up through science and tests.

Another point I wanted to mention was my own expectation on how white my teeth will become after the full treatment was completed. This is my first ever time using a teeth whitening kit with LED light and formulated gels. I’ve tried toothpastes that whiten with baking soda or coconut, but never really saw much of a difference. With the shade guide included in this pack I was eagerly hoping that my teeth would jump from a yellowy hue to a clearer white quite considerably. That being said I really needed to revisit that whole idea in my head as it wasn’t realistic. I would use the guide to see where you are on the spectrum and then either use 1 or 2 shades lighter as the ‘goal’. What I will say is taking a ‘before & after shot’ really did give me a clear indication that the treatment has been working. Because it is a home treatment, you should expect a gradual transformation and no the same result as you would get from a dentist bleaching your teeth white. I’ve attached below my own ‘before & after’ and I really am so pleased with a noticeable change in my smile. With continued use I reckon I would be able to get shades more whiter.

*The photo below is the only photo that hasn’t had a filter layered on top to show you the raw comparison of my teeth before and after. I am really pleased with the results I got!

I wanted to also mention that my own lifestyle will probably have affected the results as the kit encourages you to limit the amount of dark coloured food and beverages. These include tea, coffee and red wines. I drink an enormous amount of tea everyday and I over the past few months reduced my intake to include peppermint tea for my IBS/digestion problems. However that being mentioned, I would say my teeth are pretty stained from my intake of teas over the years. Whilst participating in this treatment I did include tea as a form of beverage, but restricted it to a couple of times throughout the day. I made sure not to drink it around the time I brushed my teeth and after the treatment was applied. However I believe my results might have been slightly different if I had cut out tea completely and just stuck to peppermint tea and water.

Man Behind the Mirror‘ really is a great place to know about. The team are friendly and empathetic. You’ll find no judgement, just the wanting to help you help yourselves. You should check them out and for those who are interested in this specific kit, use this code below to receive a discounted price for yourself. The initial teeth whitening kit retails for £49.95 and with gel refills on subscription for £14.95/per month. It’s pure luxury in the comfort of your own home.


Website: Man Behind The Mirror


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