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✌🏼 I’m coming in strong and festive with this cute set of Christmas lounge wear, that I was kindly sent over by the brilliant @Shinesty team! Bed hair included, because this is a real blog and no-one wakes up that presented. I’ve put together a holiday gift-guide to include what you should be getting the favourite men in your lives, this holiday. 🧑


I’m starting this gift-guide off with what I believe are the most comfortable boxer briefs I’ve got in my underwear draw. I’m currently on the market for some new undies, I have been for ages really. I’ve gained a little weight as one does this time of year and my usual briefs are on the snugger side. What I personally like about these Ball Hammocks below are how they provide a clinging fit, but without that over elastic weight that comes with usual waistbands. I have often found that a pair of pants have fit great, but always have that aggressive band that goes around your waist. Sometimes you just don’t want that πŸ€™πŸΌ

The Scotch On The Rocks – Ball Hammocks

A win-win stocking filler!

Let’s talk pricing!

You have a handful of options available towards choosing the right pair of these cheeky boxer briefs. Alone they retail for $25.99 and are worth every penny. They enhance, they shape and provide effortless wear. I personally think if you wanna impress anyone for a stocking filler. A good pair of pants is a top choice for me! You also have the option to buy a various multi-packs which are all differently priced accordingly. In a nutshell [pun intended you ravenous lot!] you’ll find that the more pairs you buy, the cheaper cost per unit.

There is also the option should you opt for a singular pair, for the person who finds them as deliciously comfortable as me and my boyfriend do to sign up for Ball Hammock of the month. A subscription service that allows you to pay a monthly fee of $15.99 with the option to cancel at anytime. You pick the styles you like and @Shinesty sends them over to you fuss free. If you aren’t entirely sold on the design, pop them back into the post unworn and you you will be sent another design instead. I really like this idea and it makes them much more affordable. πŸ‘ Shake your booty in style with a pair of these this Christmas [and all year round].

Next up is this super festive pyjama set which is sold separately. I love a plaid design and to me that is proper festive print. I used to always love getting a set of pyjama lounge-wear for Christmas in a design similar to the one I’m wearing here. The cosy style reminds me of log fires, good food, probably one to many glasses of wine, my dogs and growing up in the countryside. I’m from a farm background and there is still a country kid [even with my mass of allergies to the location] at heart in me. Plaid to me is the definition of Christmas and I am here for it this year. πŸŽ„

Pretty Fly For A White Guy Right. Right?

I’m actually off from work this year for the first time properly in 10 years. I’ve always worked retail and hospitality all my life, so the opportunity to have a Christmas break was out of the picture. I’d be there until really late, Christmas Eve and then back in 6am for those Boxing Day sales. So grim. This year I planned months in advance and have been given a good 7-8 days to be able to actually get merry and jolly. I’m usually a right Scrooge around this time of year, but I’ve found myself having more appreciation to this festive holiday.

I went wild over the last month and bought myself lovely Christmas decorations from various different high-street stores. Some within a good budget and some a little on the pricier side. I’ve often thought that I’ve never had the right set of circumstances to be able to think about decorations properly and how I would like to style a home.

Back at my parents we have always decorated on Christmas Eve, so our house wasn’t festive until that date. When I’ve lived on my own, I was so broke I couldn’t even get myself fed properly, let alone think of purchasing baubles and fairy lights. I was also not in the best head space to think about being jolly and festive either. This year is a complete 180 degrees and I find myself actively putting on the Christmas tunes. [The old classics, like Peggy Lee and Nina Fitzgerald, Nina Simone, Ella Fitzgerald & Billie Holiday! None of that ghastly modern day crap.]

I’ll put together a blog post covering these in the new year. What I really want to dive into is this two piece pyjama set. So lets pull up our chairs closer and refill those cups of tea. β˜• I’ve got some explaining to do!

The Lincoln Log Love Daddy Pyjama Set

So the design is plaid print, we’ve covered that. It comes as a pair of pyjama bottoms and a long sleeve top with a Henley style neckline. From a first wear the material is quite stretchy and breathable. It does have an element of thickness, which I feel keeps you at an optimum temperature in the house. The fit is quite close to the size. 🧑 The pants come a little baggy, with a cuffed ankle. This modern approach means they are easy to wear and should you pop on out during the festive holidays, they slip easily into your boots. As you can see I’ve styled them with my Ugg Boots.

The top is a nice easy length on my body and fits my frame well. The soft material blend means it is great against my sensitive skin. I quite like that it is a practical and easy piece to wear. It features little buttons down the front and other pockets for small items such as those tiny 1 cup alcohol bottles, or the television remote. Well should you be into either of those things, me personally would use the pocket for 🍫 Galaxy Minstrels chocolates!

Let’s Talk Pricing!

So the bottom pictured [the Lincoln Log Love Daddy pyjama bottoms, not me hun] costs $59.99 & the matching Lincoln Log Love Daddy pyjama top swings around at $39.99. I like for the price it is definitely an under-the-tree kind of present you should treat that special guy to. What I think is brilliant is that you can get so much wear from a set like this throughout the year. Especially in the UK where the weather is terrible! Those colder months when the heating is off during the night, would be so much sweeter with a set of Lincoln Log Love Daddy PJ’s. I’ve been wearing mine through this cold season and they’ve been washed and still keep their shape/colour. Ensure that you do wash them with other like coloured pieces and to read the label carefully. ☝🏼

Shinesty – Pyjama Collections

You can check out the rest of the pyjama sets using the link here. There a loads to choose from, each one with a snazzy and unique print!

It has been fantastic to be able to share these items on the blog for you guys and I genuinely do rate @Shinesty’s pieces. They are made to last and provide you with months [if not years] of comfort. I’ve mentioned that I was already a massive fan of the Ball Hammocks and I’m enjoying adding to my collection of them. You can check out my other @Shinesty blog posts which are live and available to read below at the end of the post in the links. πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

Jacob and I are off to Poland this Christmas to spend the holidays with his family. It will be our first Christmas overseas and away from my family here in the UK. We are both excited as we are both switching off from work completely. I’ve been told a Polish Christmas contains a mountain of food and a river of Vodka, so it might be quite a scene. I’m glad I will be taking these stretchy PJ’s along with me for our trip. If I’m going to get fatter this Christmas, I’m sure as hell going to look festive whilst that unfolds.

If you guys reading are interested than check out the links throughout the post and here to head straight to the ‘@Shinesty website‘.


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