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Regulation – Rubber Pride In Poland

Here I am just waiting at the bus stop to take me to Gay Pride… Yeah, both Jacob and myself missed attending again this year. ✌🏼 Happy Thursday you guys, I hope everyone joining today is doing great. Welcome back to my usual readers and hello to any new ones who’ve made their way here. 💕 Today’s post features latex/rubber and a set that I own. Talking about all things pride and being apart of the gay latex/rubber community. Super excited to share this post! ☝🏼

So When Is This Bus Arriving?

So obviously Pride has been and gone this year babes and it’s November as I’m writing up this summer post [dreadful, I know!]. Jacob and I actually celebrate Pride every day together and even though we have a dedicated time in the year, where we have additional support from the rest of the world. We believe that for those who are proud members of the LGBTQ+ community, it is important to channel pride within yourself and your relationship everyday. For us this is an active and daily occurrence! We take pride in all aspects of who we are and I love it.

Pride for us includes being proud members of the kink [gay latex] community and sharing our experiences for all things in this department. We like to normalise it, so that we can eliminate any stigmas associated around the subject. We both find it fascinating and liberating to inspire others to be themselves through sharing our rubber content. [We’ve already had some lovely followers express their thanks for what we do, over on Instagram via direct message.] 💛 At the end of the day, everyone has some form of fetish, or kink. So it really isn’t as uncommon as you probably think. We both feel it is important to create a space that allows others who relate, to understand it better without that pressure that circles the subject. I know for both Jacob and myself, we experienced that growing up and this is why we are so chilled about talking about it on our blogs.

Life Is Short Babe, Go And Throw On Some Latex

London is a fantastic hot spot for gay fetish stores. Being a hub for the community we luckily have good access. We often pop over into the store Regulation, whenever we find ourselves near Soho in Central London. It has been the place where we’ve both purchased some of our rubber and latex gear. You can buy toys, lubes and accessories there too. I purchased my ‘Rubber Skinhead’ set at Regulation and have always loved the style and cut of it. I love a fashion element for latex and still get that each time I put together this look.

The shoot was inspired during our very first trip to Poland, back in April 2019. I saw this bus stop and thought how I’d love to shoot a rubber series around it. Something simple and mundane. But fusing something ‘unusual and unlikely’ with the setting. [Much like my shoot we did in Prague which will be linked below. Keep yourself posted on this!]

Unfortunately during our first visit I wasn’t able to capture these looks. We returned a little later to Poland again in June and I got Jacob to help me shoot this series. I had my heart set on making something enjoyable and fun. We played around with the idea of a bus in the distance and that I was off to Gay Pride in my latex. 🏳‍🌈 [Bitch that bus never turned up though!]

This set of rubber is one of my favourite pieces in our collection and it’s brilliant to get into. It is a set of three, featuring: a polo top, skinny jeans and attachable braces. We lubed the rubber up and headed to the bus stop against the beating sunshine. The day was intensely bright, which leaves the photos a little bleached [even after applying my standard filter against it]. Thankfully though we were able to shoot in some shade from the tree, which did help with the overall visuals for the shoot.

Liberating & Terrifying

These two words practically sum up the experience of walking around publicly in latex/rubber. You are vulnerable and invincible at the same time. Any others reading this post from the same community, will be able to relate. [Also a massive hello to you all!] It is something we all go through and at times can still do. Poland isn’t exactly super accepting of gay people in general, so an outfit like this will generate some responses. Where we visited and stayed it was clear to both Jacob and myself that we couldn’t hold hands, or act too feminine. Sad I know. But this is still happening everywhere across the globe.

The Outfit Specs:

I mentioned above the latex/rubber gear is by Regulation. The company creates these pieces from scratch and by hand too. It is a meticulous craft to be able to create anything from this material. The gear is then sold individually, or through a bundle set. The prices are:

The set can be customised with a colour trim of your choice. I opted at the time for yellow, because I actually liked the bright contrast against the black. But I’m looking at getting myself the same set again, but with a red trim next.

To get the suit to shine, I used a mixture of two products. Vivishine, which is a conditioning and polishing concentrated solution for your latex/rubber. Submerge your gear carefully into a shallow filled bathtub of lukewarm water. A spoonful of the stuff into the water will stretch the solution across your latex/rubber perfectly. Leave briefly [3-5mins] and then take out from the shallows. Allow to drip-dry and wipe with a cloth gentle to polish any excess droplets off.

The second was quite simply a silicone lube. This is the best thing to put inside and out on latex/rubber as it helps you get into it easier. Reduces any snagging the material has on your skin and helps to further any shine across the gear too.

Also Take Note You Guys:

*Ensuring you stay out of direct sunlight will prolong the life of your gear. Sunlight which damages everything will leave your latex/rubber permanently ruined, if exposed too much over long periods of time. We made sure that we travelled carefully to the location and where possible stayed in the shade.

The gay latex Prague photoshoot is linked here: Travel – Prague – Literature & Latex

For any followers reading who are apart of the community, reach out on Instagram and let me know whether you can relate to anything in this post. Thanks to everyone else also for reading through today’s blog. It is great to be able to share my experiences and help educate, whilst negating stigmas associated with latex/rubber. I mean if artists such as Iggy Azalea [who I love by the way] can wear it, why shouldn’t anyone? Go on and just throw some on and live your best life babes.


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