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Happy Sunday you lot. I’m jumping back to the blog with a special feature from a brand who’ve been around for ages, but are completely fresh. Intrigued, well you should be. Let me introduce you to:

– Bang & Strike –

Now Bang + Strike (notice the + here) is a name that has floated around the internet for a number of years. Before that though, they were named Banglads and a young [closeted gay] me headed to them numerous times to shop online for underwear and sportswear. Fast forward until only a few years ago when they re-branded to the name we all knew Bang + Strike. They became well known in the [gay] community for being the place to shop for luxury branded undies. Some of my favourites including: Rufskin, N2N, Pump, Cell Block, Andrew Christian and Box.

Original Logo

Over the last couple of months [*late summer 2019] their name began popping up onto my twitter feed more frequently and it got me curious as to why. The company was undergoing a transformation. Reaching out, I found that they would be dropping the luxury brands and begin to merchandise their own house name brand of underwear. They relaunched as Bang & Strike and exclusively produce a premium line of redefined classics, for the modern day man. Their house brand name brings fourth something for everyone really. With designs that are sharp, versatile and essential for guy. ☝🏼

[Above is the style and look of their website]

You guys know Jacob and I love a good underwear brand and have often feature them on the blog. We love our undies you guys. The team got in touch with me to ask whether Jacob and I would like to try a pair each and see what we made of them. We were given to opportunity to select the style ourselves and both of us decided to go for the ‘STRIKE PRO EMBOSS SPORT BRIEF’.

Bang & Strike Unboxing 🧡

To be quite frank with you all, unboxing the undies was such a treat. ✌🏼 I wasn’t expecting a massive deal from the unboxing, but Bang & Strike relaunched hard and made a statement about it. The attention to detail is brilliant and it made all the difference to me as a consumer. I really took my time to enjoy opening and appreciating the effort gone into putting together the parcel. Inside my cardboard packaged lay an orange box with the name Bang & Strike embossed. Inside containing the two briefs for Jacob and myself sealed and wrapped in tissue paper. It was all about the details and I was here for it!!

Lets Get To The Briefs 🤙🏼

I wanted this photo-shoot below to be more relatable to you guys following my blog. Unfortunately sex sells and underwear brands use this to market across the globe. Even though staged for this feature on the blog, our photo-shoot depicts how Jacob and I are at home. I wanted the setting and theme to be familiar to you, so you could see the garments fully in an everyday setting.

One of our favourite times of the year is when the weather gets cooler and its cosier to wear sweaters and jumpers indoors. We always spend our days at home in some form of comfortable wear. Be it undies, lounge-wear, [ latex ] or robes. Pairing briefs and a jumper is a fantastic option for something easy and cute, whilst the weather is ghastly outside. Throw on some socks and we are both set for our day off. 💕


This style of brief is modern and sleek. It is constructed with a micro mesh fabric blend of Polyamide [92%] and Elastane [8%]. The fabric is stretchy, incredibly soft to the touch and lightweight. Being extremely breathable and moisture-wicking too, the brief keeps you cool when the season is hot or your body is. A great option for those who run busy lives, like us! We both decided to go for the two colours options: Alloy [me] & Forest [Jacob]. The athletic design features a stealth woven embossed logo. Which means their brand name is more subtle on this model of undies than others in their line. The Strike Pro Emboss Sport also comes in a trunk variety too.

The cost is: £20 [brief] & £22 [trunk]

Our Verdict:

It’s a detailed one!

🔸 Jacob and I are quite obsessed with these briefs to be honest with you guys. We often treat ourselves to wear these when we both have a day off together at home. It allows us to enjoy the style of them more on each other.

🔸For the sizing I wear a medium and I did find it a little snug at times. I would like to try the large and just see whether that makes a difference to me personally. That being said it is still brilliantly comfortable and that it’s probably just me and my little bit of weight I seemed to have acquired. [I am also in the process recently of being tested for Coeliac Disease. Which might explain while I sometimes find my pair a little snug at times due to bloating and inflammation.] Jacob on the other hand has given me no complaints and adores the fit on him.

🔸 The colours both grabbed us on the website. Jacob was very fond of the ‘Forest’ colour choice, but for me it was the ‘Alloy’ palette It was intriguing and a colour which doesn’t usually show up on the market. This is compared to the usual black, grey and white options we are all accustomed too.

🔸 We both commented before we selected the briefs online about the ‘hidden’ logo on the waistband and how it was nice to have a pair that has a more premium-appealing quality to it. The beautiful detailing on the embossed logo is subtly striking and worth appreciating. The wording is neat around the waist and without any additional patterns and text.

🔸 The front pouch contains micro-holes to allow breathable movement without any clamminess, to which we’ve both experienced wearing our sets. We also noticed that the briefs do not ride up, or shift when being worn. Being a guy who has quite a large bum, this is a great plus for me. [Jacob also appreciated this brief quality on me quite highly too!] The brief sculpts your package comfortably too, without any compression and restraint. Free movement and comfort on their own, or worn normally under clothes.

🔸 The last thing I wanted to mention was the colour palette of the box that our undies arrived in. The dark orange gave me luxury and premium content inside. It did remind me of Louis Vuitton however, but that is probably because they are also associated with orange. Jacob did then point out to me that they are much brighter by comparison. I do think that Bang & Strike suit the dark orange as they’ve been associated with orange from their Banglads days. The moodier orange is masculine and solid and would appeal to both gay men and heterosexual men. They have addressed both consumers quite smartly I think using this specific shade of orange.

🔸 Overall Jacob and I do really LOVE the Strike Pro Emboss Sport Brief. We feel for £20 a pair this is quite a respectable pricing range. Especially alongside brands such as: Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein. Who’s prices can often steer towards £25-£30 a pair and often feel overly mass produced. For what Bang & Strike are offering to their customers per pair of underwear, I would have expected the price to be higher really. You receive a luxury item that is presented beautifully from the moment you open the outer packaging. From the lovely gift-box with tissue paper and branded stickers, to the briefs that lay inside, sealed.

🔸 Treating yourselves to a nice set of undies is great and we shouldn’t feel guilty for doing so. Most of us probably have the sets of cheap and cheerful undies in our drawers [we both certainly do]. But investing in something a little sexier and more premium, is definitely worth doing so. I feel these briefs are affordable to the average man if they are a treat, or if you are looking to invest in multiple pieces. Every aspect has been taken into consideration for the consumers shopping and Bang & Strike offer something fresh, yet familiar to their customers. Redefined classic styles that are sexy, contemporary and accessible for everyone.

Check out Bang & Strikes website below and let me know your thoughts. 🙋🏼‍♂️

Bang & Strike Website

Do you guys have any brands that you know are good investments? Have any of you tried Bang & Strike before? I’d love to chat about it. Shoot me across a message below, or over on my social channels.


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