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Hey there you lot! 🖤 During the summer I set up a little partnership with a brand that reached out to me. Not only does this brand support the LGBT+ community, but their wares are made with respect to the planet too. I’m talking gay-friendly and Eco-friendly, so this is something I have to shout about on here. I’m passionate about sharing brands that are making an impact and difference for the better. Be it by those who are leading by example, or simply wanting to educate. Let me introduce you to:


The founder Pierre Monnerville reached out and spoke about the vision for his brand. He asked whether I would give some time to talk about his brand and share my thoughts with those who follow my platforms.

We communicated and Pierre told me his story and some of the difficulties he had faced growing up. With some similarities for myself, I knew partnering up could eventually inspire others through my platform. Since I started this blog, I wanted a space that others could feel comfortable to be themselves in. I hope that it does inspire for the better to any of my young gay readers. I wish I’d had a place growing up where I could come and read and feel a little safer to be myself.

Let’s Talk About The Brand

So Unapologaytic is for the LGBT+ community. It is for those want to be able to express themselves freely, regarding orientation, colour of their skin, or level of masculinity. We are all in some way part of a stereotypical group, or a minority. But that shouldn’t be what, or how we define ourselves.

Unapologaytic gives our community hope (in the form of designs) which we can wear proudly. It’s important to be grateful should you live in a place and time where you can be yourself freely (and safely). I know I am. I also know that there are many others in hiding, others who may have been exiled, banished, shamed, tortured, or killed because of who they are. There are so many of our community who don’t have that luxury now.

It is easy to take that for granted when life is going well. But we should always remember to take the time to appreciate and acknowledge this current political and humanitarian state that our world is in. Each day we are making great steps forward, but we are nowhere near where we should be.

Let’s Talk Specs Hun ☝🏼

Just as important is that Unapologaytic is proudly sustainable too. Using members of the Fair Wear Foundation [FWF] to make their garments. Ones such as, Earth Positive, Stanley/Stella and Continental Clothing. Their mission is a simple one. To improve the the workers labour conditions for all those who are involved in the garment creation.

I think that is fantastic! This means you are supporting this foundation that enforces:

  • No excessive working hours
  • No child labour
  • No discrimination in the work place
  • No forced labour
  • Payment of living wage
  • Healthy and safe working conditions
  • Employment is legally binding

You can check out more about the FWF here at [fairwear.org]

Specs Continued…

Furthermore Unapologaytic uses Eco-friendly inks and sustainable organic cotton. The inks contain no animal by-products and contain no toxins. This is important to stop damages to our drainage and water systems. The eco-friendly inks are OEKO-TEX® certified and safe to use on products used by both, children and adults.

So basically you guys, its a great brand to support and get behind. Because Unapologaytic is actively making cultural and sustainable differences to the world we live in. I think supporting a small business like this creates a positive ripple effect that younger generations should be able to benefit from.

I paired the look with my Urban X Rubber Trackpants by Regulation London. I’ve mentioned these before on the blog and I love them! Pairing them alongside my gay-positive t-shirt by Unapologaytic was a great choice. Proudly being exactly who I am and being unapologetic about all of it. What better way to express myself through mixing two aspects of myself together. Showcasing my self-acceptance and appreciation to being gay man and my role in the fetish community too.

I’m grateful to be in that positive place now. Through the help from those closest to me and more importantly from my confident boyfriend Jacob. He gives me the confidence and encouraging push to be able to wear what I want and be able to just enjoy it. I remember a time living, where that wasn’t the case and I was SO critical about myself for it. At the time I never saw it getting any better and through hardships I found someone who negates any self sabotage I inflict on myself. My whole outlook on life has changed for the better and I’m so unbelievably grateful for that.

You can see a little close up of the rubber trackpants below. I shall be doing a whole post regarding these with all the specs and details. So keep posted! 🖤

My Verdict:

Unapologaytic is a brand that I do truly support and adore. The message it shouts out to our LGBT+ community as a whole, is brilliant. But just as important are those coming to terms with themselves and learning how to own it. The Eco-friendly support to the globe through manufacturing is something BIGGER brand should be actively changing. Especially with everything going on about climate change. I really love that Pierre’s brand started off with a clear and clean goal. And even still to this day continue to enforce and deliver it.

Since kindly receiving my t-shirt from Pierre. I noticed that the current options online, for a more standard style of t-shirt were slimmer than those with a quirkier print. Throughout, the queer messages are fantastic and smartly designed. But I feel there is a group who’d like to see designs that could be more actively worn with their own wardrobe. Something a little more subtle and easier to style, but with the same impact the sassy designs bring. Also continuing to spread the message about being sustainable and Eco-friendly too.

As I write this, this is something that is now underway and I’m so excited to see what Unapologaytic brings out to their collection. Knowing that there is a way to shop sustainable wear, is great to know. The organic cotton is absolutely soft against my sensitive skin and doesn’t cause any irritation, or discomfort. The fit is airy, but nicely tailored to give you a contemporary shape. I really like the design of this specific t-shirt. From the times I’ve worn it out and to work, I have had different responses for it. So it does make an impact for sure!

Be Happy & Spread Love ✌🏼

[Disclaimer* I ended up putting my back out after doing these cartwheels! What on earth was I thinking, I am not that young bouncy teen anymore!]

You can check out the website Unapologaytic below. It would be wise to keep watching their space to see what drops next in their collection. Also a huge shout out to the lovely Pierre, who got in touch with me in the first place. [And for sending across this awesome t-shirt!] 💛 He is such a nice guy! Defo go and introduce yourself to him over on his Instagram account.

Unapologaytic Website
Unapologaytic Instagram

Shoot me a message below or come and chat to me on my social channels. Thanks for checking out this post you lot!


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