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Super Gay Underwear – Poolside Boys Review

Hey you lot! Jacob and I are both sad to see the summer leave for this year. Its been a brilliant year for it and us too, as we got to enjoy the sunshine away from everyone and everything in Poland. ☀

I thought it would have been a great idea to try out the sets of swim trunks that Super Gay Underwear kindly gifted me, earlier on in the year. I’ve already mentioned each product here on the blog, so this is more of a fun post from us today. We just wanted to share our snaps from our little poolside photoshoot.

[ Say Cheese! 📸 ]

We Are Wearing Trunks Available At Super Gay Underwear 💕

It was so nice to be able to wear these trunks out around a body of water. A shame we weren’t able to make it to a beach this year, but there is always next year for that. Very grateful though to of had a place to wear them and be myself. Jacob was amazing at keeping me positive about my body as I’ve been struggling with it for a few years. This year I’ve indulged a little too much and have been in a position where I am not active enough with my different jobs.

I do believe in being body positive, but I also find it difficult to take that upon myself some days. I’m not in a bad place however, more so it lingers there on my mind every now and again.

I’m super appreciative to be with a guy who loves me for me. Exactly how I am and in whatever shape I am currently in. But, I need to start regularly exercising more for my body and for my mind too. The past few months I’ve been hit with these energy slumps and I’m finding it hard to get through the day without needing a sleep. I am thinking my lack of regular exercise has made my body dull and my mind lazy. I remember the good that came from cycling and running years back. That pulse that beats through you for the entire day and you go to sleep without that aching restlessness. 🤦🏼‍♂️

Let’s Talk About These Swim Trunks 💦

In terms of how these trunks were with a body of water, they held up pretty nicely. I’m always honest about when I talk about products, even when I am collaborating alongside them.

The material does indeed dry quickly as stated on the site. The synthetic fabrics used to craft these do keep there shape when you are in and out of the pool. I did find however that some of the thread that lines the garment was a little loose on me. This could however, be from me squeezing into these and catching the material. The fabric clings to your body and keeps everything secure whilst you enjoy yourself. Jacob found the set he borrowed [The ‘Theo’] really comfortable to move around and lounge in. My set [The ‘Brian’] I loved. I adore this striped printed design and feel of them. I know that I’ve gained a little extra weight [upon receiving them] this summer and the trunks were more snug than comfortable for me. I’d probably do better with the next size up in my honest opinion. Super Gay Underwear’s sizing is a little different from your standard sizes and I urge people to go up a size and really double check them when ordering. I’m wearing here a size L [large] and I think that some relief might have been gained if I’d had the next size up on me.

All in all though, we are a fan of these swim trunks! We just wish the sizing was a little easier for the customers. We did have a blast spending our week frolicking in these swim trunks around a body of water. 🤙🏼

Looking through these photos I am happy for the time Jacob and I got to spent here at his mums house in Poland. It was a huge job to balance my phone on top of the packaging that the pool came in. Definitely need to invest in an assistant to make photoshoots like this so much easier! [The amount of times I ran in and out of the pool to take the these photos on a timer. A right nightmare!]

It was a lovely week with the sun beating down. We were enclosed in our giant garden, with our not so giant pool, covered in volumes of SPF! It was brilliant and we are already looking at where to holiday next year. We want to go for a more beach related holiday that gives us either a villa, or resort to relax in. Give me a nice beach, a giant umbrella, fresh lemonade, some cute swim trunks, [a long awaited summer body], my handsome boyfriend next to me, a good book and the view of the ocean. And I am all set!

For those interested in Super Gay Underwear products, check out there website below here and feel free to use my code and get yourself a cheeky discount whilst you shop. Just copy and past it into the promotion box and apply to save some coins. ✨


Super Gay Underwear Website

Have any of you guys got any holiday destinations that you recommend? ✈Any that are also gay friendly too! I’ve love if you could shoot across a message here, or on my social channels. Lets chat about it below!


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