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“Girls, girls, girls, women, women, are babes, killer babes.”

How MASC are you really..? Well not a whole great deal these days! Happy Sunday you lovely lot! I hope you’re all fantastic and having a great weekend. Today on the blog I wanted to put together one of my Pride looks, featuring some brands I am all about. With the help of Jacob, I put together a photo shoot when we were in Poland during the summer this year to show ya!

So babes, let me show you my cute ass Babes tee!

This summer before our trip to Poland, Jacob and I visited Soho, London during Pride month. We were out and about actually to head to the gay fetish shop Regulation because it had moved from Angel to Soho. We were going so I could try on some rubber gear and check out these rubber track pants which I ended up purchasing. That was our main goal.

But, we headed down Brewer Street and stumbled into Prowler. To check out their collection of undies and just to have a general browse. It wasn’t until it hit me in the face that I remembered that the brand Babes is sold here in Soho.

Let Me Introduce You To Babes:

Babes is just everything great. πŸ’• It’s a lifestyle brand that is all about self-love, acceptance and just being an absolute babe whilst you are doing it. It is a brand I’ve been watching for a couple of years and one that I’ve fancied working alongside with because of how they are as a whole. Their collection contains lots of fun tees, jocks, briefs, hoodies, tops, socks and singlets in these wonderful pastel themed blue, purple and pink palettes. Everything is fucking cute to be fair and you just feel the need of everything on their site. [*add to basket]

I decided to go for the ‘Masc’ tee in this chalky lavender, to which Jacob ended up getting for me there and then. [Such a sweetie!] πŸ’œ

I thought the ‘Masc’ design was a great option to go for! Because since being with Jacob, he has given me total freedom with exploring my more effeminate side. As apposed to living a life where you appear super masculine all the time. I thought this was great design to wear and totally camp-up the rest of my outfit whilst doing so. Playing on those two boundaries and subtly giving up those stigmas that we often fall prey too as gay men.

It’s great to be with someone who allows you to be confident about exploring parts of yourself, without any questioning, or judgement. Jacob gives me that every time and I’m so appreciative to have him in my life. It has really helped me get to know myself better and enjoy being the sensitive soul I shy’d away from, for so many years before.

I’d spent years hiding who I really was as a gay man and any noticeable traits that seemed girly or camp, I’d shun from my personality and behaviour. I was a very straight-acting gay man in hiding and it was awful not being able to express myself with a little flair. I know this is something a lot of other gay men can relate too, whether its past or present. Because of that mentality, I found it hard to allow myself to act more feminine as time went on. It was really the time Jacob and I met that I began to feel more comfortable within my own skin. I had this amazing man around me who encouraged the sassy queen that was inside me to come on out! Jacob is responsible for allowing that to happen. As each day passes I feel continuously more comfortable in my own skin and a lot of that has to do with Jacob and his own confidence within himself. I remember when we first met, that fountain of confidence was such a turn on for me. Jacob spilled confidence everywhere. He was himself and proud! And that was exactly how I wanted to feel.

As I write this post out, I am feeling like the person I always wanted to really be. I owe that to the lovely man in my life, Jacob. Without his encouragement and total acceptance, I would probably still be back in a place where I was hiding who I really was. Struggling with how to enjoy both the masculine and feminine sides to myself.

So, thank you Jacob! πŸ’•

The Concept: Fashion & Fetish

Take it, or leave it. The concept for this shoot was to mix fetish and fashion. Something I am not shy at sharing on my platform. I wanted to create an ‘everyday’ outfit that takes my passion for styling, but incorporates a fetish element and my love for rubber/latex. I love a good pair of trackies and a tee. It is my go to comfy outfit for both indoors and if I’m popping into town.

Jacob and myself think it is important to show that fetish isn’t always hardcore and sexual too. There is so much more to it. The fetish community is a diverse group of individuals, who all experience it differently. We both like the rubber/latex scene, among others. And it was actually one of the many reasons that allowed us to hit it off so effortlessly when we first met. Being able to talk about it to each other and having the same principles to the scene is amazing. We can explore and stand strong about what we are happy to absorb into our own lifestyle together. It you readers are struggling with this in your own relationships, try and find someone either open to explore the ideas of this lifestyle. Or someone who had similar preferences to yourself. Forcing this onto your significant partner can be risky as there is still so much to teach about the fetish community.

I love incorporating the unusual and creating something whilst being able to get behind the subject as well. The ‘Masc’ tee with its lavender hue, against a bold set of rubber track pants all shined, is a total statement all on its own. It was a look I would have liked to have worn to Pride in London. Sadly it wasn’t on the books for us, as we on holiday I believe during the weekend it was happening. I thought it would make a great outfit for just an occasion signifying my appreciation to both, my sexuality and involvement within the fetish community too. I’m in a place now where life is all about living and enjoying who you are with the people you love. Its taken me 28 years to realise this and the worrying about trivial things, was only hurting myself. This look was all about having fun, whilst wearing brands I am totally behind with as a consumer. I cannot express how happy I am with the pieces I am wearing here. The Babes tee is everything I need from a t-shirt in terms of design, colour, fit and style. And my latex pants are just bloody cool. πŸ–€

The Prices:

The Babes ‘Masc’ tee in lavender retails at around Β£29.00 – But is currently on offer in Prowler, however this will be a subject to availability. The best place to find better stock levels I would say are through the brands main online store. You can find it below here.


The UrbanX rubber track pants can be found here by Regulation London and retail at around Β£175.00 – You can shop them below here with this link.


My Verdict

I would highly recommend having a good and lengthy browse through the Babes online store. If you have the opportunity of seeing the pieces [in Soho, London] at Prowler than I was push to do so! You’d be able to see the garments up close and get a good feel for what their brand is like. The lavender hue is absolutely gorgeous and an unusual choice too. Most of their palettes are choices you’d not naturally find on other high-street retailers.

I absolutely adore this tee and its become one of my top favourites. Jacob has mentioned that he thinks the lavender hue was the better choice to go for out of the options we had in Prowler. The fit of the tee is a good balance between relaxed and fitted. I’m currently swaying between sizes myself and I personally feel more comfortable in a size [large] these days. The tee I’m seen wearing here is a size medium, as Jacob said this was a better fit for my body. I felt it was a nice fit too and I was happy with this size on my body.

Overall I am a huge fan of Babes and everything they do. I’ve had my eye on the jocks and the wrestling singlets that they have released! So cute and exactly what you should be wearing, snuggled up feeling fabulous with your guy next to you whilst you play video games. [*Jacob is nodding at me to this idea] πŸ’•

As for the rubber track pants – Another happy customer here! I’ve been looking at getting them for a good few months and I took the plunge and splurged on them. I want to feature them more, so keep posted you lot!

I’d love to know whether any of you guys have seen the brand Babes before, or have any favourites in Prowler? Or whether you have bought yourself any pieces of rubber that were more fashion orientated? Shoot across a message to me here, or on my social channels and lets chat you guys! ✌🏼


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All thoughts are entirely my own regarding the featured items.
[Photography] – Thomas Benjamin Cooper

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