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Happy Thursday babes! 💕 For those who follow me via my Instagram, you’ll know that I’ve been lucky enough to travel to Poland two times this year. Both times were absolutely wonderful and I’ve put together in this post a collection of snaps from mine and Jacob’s travels. Sadly they only cover the second of the two trips we took there. I recently spoke about loosing a lot of photographs, you can read about it here. I’ll be back in Poland again soon I’m sure, so I’ll make lots of new memories.

We spent a nice week here during the summer month of June. The weather was more or less, sunny and hot. I remember leaving Stansted airport in England and looking at this dull morning sky hoping when we land, we at least get some sunshine. The whole point of this trip was to relax more. The first visit to Poland and we were visiting all of Jacob’s family and relatives which was fabulous. But we both found it exhausting and once back in London needed to book a break away again.

Looking out to the planes neatly lined up along the runway

Although moody [the lightning, not Jacob] it gave me all I needed for my colour palette on my social channels. I found the picture below to be one of my favourite shots. I remember snapping it quickly, because I swear it is against the rules to use your phone outside the plane. I really like lines on the floor are framed in this shot. Jacob is holding my coffee for me as I take this. What a babe!

Jacob standing against the planes near the terminals

Also for anyone new here, I am not a huge fan of flying. I find it rather uncomfortable, but seeing the world like this for a moment takes all that fear away. It is absolutely breath taking? Does anyone have any good remedies for flying? [One that isn’t Kalms tablets and a large glass of red before takeoff!]

A shot from the planes window looking down at the land and sea below. The edge of the horizon bends with the shape of the globe

So we travelled this time with Mamo Hanczyk and upon arriving, we waited for our hire car. It took longer than expected and we were waiting outside the airport for about 30+ minutes. Funny though as these two both getting a little frustrated waiting for the sales rep to arrive with our car.

I love looking at Jacob and his mum together, because it shows me what traits Jacob has taken upon himself. He is so much like his mother and I adore that! They are an actual pear! 💛

Jacob and his mum waiting outside the airport

Jacob’s choice of car was a lovely spacious fiat 500. Being over 6 foot tall I found it very cute too… I ended up in the backseat [If you can call it that] alongside with 2 suitcases, carry-on baggage, a giant outside swimming pool, grocery shopping and a fat-ass watermelon! 🍉 I’ve never felt so giant in all my life to be honest.

A selfie of myself [Tommy] sitting in the back of our rental car Fiat 500. It is cramped and my hair is squashed against the cars roof

We stopped off at Jacob’s aunties house, where the garden was on point! Those roses were cascading down and the heat from the sun was glorious. I’m really looking forward to when Jacob and I own a house together and we can go all ‘Gardeners World/Ground Force’ on the garden. to anyone who knows the television series I am referring too. 🌹

A Polish garden with two large rose bushes busting with flowers and colour. They are reaching high and cascading down the greenery around them. I fountain neatly sits on the small patch of grass

Another good hour down the motorway to which I don’t really remember enduring in the back of this tiny, tiny car. I was so drained from not sleeping long enough before the flight and knocking myself out with some antihistamines due to hay-fever season. I was out for the count and I woke up more or less near where Mamo Hanczyk’s house is.

A shot of the giant pond that takes up most of the end of the garden. It has a bend and just offset from it a greenhouse sits cutely against the large lawn

It was lovely to be back here as our previous trip to Poland was a couple of months earlier in the year. The leaves were more out in bloom and it felt like summer was here. We were in the middle of nowhere and surrounded by so much nature and space. Jacob’s mums house and garden is amazing. They are already undergoing lots of new features and every time I see photos of it, there is a new part of the garden. They have this enormous pond which was dug out and naturally filled with rainwater over the months.

You can see the size of it with Jacob in the frame below sitting on top of a sit-on lawn mower. The beautiful thing about this house was the space around us. All this clean air to help us unwind and relax a little.

Jacob riding on a sit-on lawn mower rides towards me alongside his mum's giant pond. Behind him his mums house, surrounded by nature and huge amounts of garden space

A Polish garden with two large rose bushes busting with flowers and colour. They are reaching high and cascading down the greenery around them. I fountain neatly sits on the small patch of grass

I’d love a space like this, so many options to fill it with. Like his aunties house above with their mass of roses. You could have a huge varied rose garden running down this space. How glorious would that be? I’d probably have a few myself, a giant herb garden, fresh tomatoes and cucumbers growing [which they have pictured above in their green house] and masses and masses of hydrangea and wild flowers.

Jacob riding on a sit-on lawn mower rides towards me alongside his mum's giant pond. Behind him his mums house, surrounded by nature and huge amounts of garden space

We headed out a few times that week to their local grocery store. It is like an international style supermarket with a bakery section, fruit and vegetable and then dairy and meat etc. Much like the style of Lidl the supermarket you can find in Europe and the UK. It was the same concept and for me always enticing going in for a browse.

A shot of a tray of large tomatoes at the local grocery store. They are bursting with colour and freshness

I was after eating some more veggies and fruit during this trip. Especially being intolerant to gluten and wanting to eat more carefully for my IBS. I was worried I would have tummy problems, so the fresh produce section was my go to the moment we hit up the store. The vegetables were so fresh and vivid in colours.

We came across massive avocados 🥑 and tomatoes 🍅 that were bursting with goodness. The watermelons 🍉 were ripe and ready to quench any summertime thirst. We took one as we thought it would be a great idea to have whilst chilling in our cheeky swim trunks! ☀

A shot of the size of the avocado against my hand shows how big they are. They are enormous and much bigger than any kind I've ever seen in the UK. They had this deep emerald green colour to them

Shot of the trays of tomatoes and watermelons avaliable at the grocery store. They were large fruits all full of colours and freshness

It was a holiday of plenty of shorts and t-shirts. Jacob over-packed [which he usually does] and I under-packed, so I was able to bring bits home from Poland. I wanted to treat myself to lots of skincare products, teas and gifts for my brothers.

A mirror selfie of both Jacob and myself before heading out. Both feeling super cute and wearing easy and casual shorts and tee-shirts picked up through thrifting

It was cute to go out and be super casual with what we were wearing. I didn’t want to think too hard about what to wear as I wanted to be comfortable and make the holiday more enjoyable. It was the first trip that was more about resting than running around seeing family and creating mass content and thinking ahead of blog related photoshoots I could do. My main goal was to spend time in my cute swimming trunks and write for myself.

I did however put together some content related shoots, but everything was organised beforehand as we were unable to do them during our first trip to Poland. Those will be up later on in the month you lot so keep posted as I’m really excited to share those on the blog, Instagram and Twitter too.

Vintage Pepsi can designs in a local store in Poland

Vintage looking Pepsi cans giving me life! 🙌🏼

We also found near the town Jacob grew up in an ice-cream parlour! They had a selected variety of ice-creams 🍦, so we treated ourselves to one whilst we sat outside and watched the people going about their day. It was so nice to sit and just see where Jacob grew up. The towns main market square was enormous and square in shape. The buildings were full of heritage and walled each side of the square proudly. The market wasn’t too bustling when we visited, but I can imagine a wild market littered with stalls where fresh breads and produce were being sold.

A shot of my ice-cream pot featuring lovely mint chocolate chip and toffee fudge scoops.

Jacob smiling next to his huge giant sorbet sundae

Jacob enjoying his sorbet sundae and diving right into the giant size of it

Hey there is my handsome little sundae! It was so nice to sit and have a nice coffee and inhale this slice of chocolate cake. It was one of those desserts that wasn’t overly sweet which was quite nice. Usually chocolate cake is just pure sweetness and it becomes quite heavy in the tummy. Jacob opted for a massive sorbet sundae which cost him the equivalent of £2 here. Just mad the price of things in this country. In the UK this would easily be something stupid like £8+.

The ice-cream counter filled with all sorts of delicious and colourful ice-creams

Mine and Jacobs ice-cream pots, whilst we sat outside watching the people walk past.

Jacob took me to a block of colourful flats where he grew up as a child. Just off from this path was the grocery store that we shopped in for fruit and vegetables. This type of coloured style of buildings are super popular in all the areas of Poland that we drove around.

Colourful building block where Jacob used to live as a child.

We headed into a military style charity shop, which sold old gear amongst other things. Jacob decided he’d pose alongside this quirky character. Before heading into this place, we had all gone to this skincare clinic and Jacob gave a sample of his blood for an allergy test.

Jacob posing next to a quirky statue outside a Polish charity shop

This little island in between roads was a perfect place to take a snap of the buildings and the flowerbeds that littered the ground below. It was so pretty and so chilled walking through this city. The sun was shining, life was good!

Outside in between the roads in a Polish city. The flowers are blooming against the old buildings that stand tall the other side of the road.

I asked Mamo to take a picture of Jacob and myself to capture this lovely day! Exploring new cities is such an exciting thing that both of us like to do. We’ve done a few city breaks, but are not looking forward to booking a resort holiday. [Or if I have my way a private villa!]

Jacob and I outside in a Polish city. The sun was shining and the flowers behind us bring a burst of colour to the frame. You can see the traditional Polish buildings next to us too.

Shout out to my birthday shirt from the year previous to our date of holiday. Definitely a little more snug around my belly! Maybe it has shrunk in the wash… Maybe I’ve just let myself indulge a little too much! I love this shirt though, reminds me of Cornwall 2018 when I went with Jacob to meet my family the Coopers down in Penzance. The shirt was purchased in Original Penguin for £50, the shorts were Primark for £4 and the Brave Soul trainers were bought on ASOS for £28 in the sale.

One of my favourite outfits from the trip. Blue and white stripey vertical short sleeved top, paired with light blue shorts and white trainers.

Outside a large mall called Carrefour holding a massive ice-cream cone which cost me next to nothing. Wearing a cute outfit and smiling to life

One point during our visit we headed to this mega mall, which has a shop that contains everything you need really. Inside the massive building you have beauty shops, jewellery shops, food stalls and this massive supermarket. The ice-creams available were mega cheap and for about 50p per single scoop. The ice-cream was a beautiful fresh blend and not a cheap cheerful thing. This is how life should be where ice-cream is enjoyably affordable. I went for a single scoop to begin with and then asked Jacob to run back and get me an additional 2 scoops. He came back with this enormous 3 scooped monster so which I am holding here. I ate it all and then felt really sick for the drive home. TOTALLY WORTH IT THOUGH! 🍦

Outside a large mall called Carrefour holding a massive ice-cream cone which cost me next to nothing. Wearing a cute outfit and smiling to life

One of my favourite things is the food available in other countries. Poland have all these amazing crisps, candy, snacks and fizzy drinks. They do these wonderfully fresh juices which have a shelf life of about 3 days. This fizzy pop was kiwi mixed with something zesty. It wasn’t as delicious as it sounds, but the colour was this nuclear green and worth a shot.

A vivid green bottle of kiwi lemonade? Purchased in Poland, it tasted vile, but had a wicked nuclear colour.

It was amazing to have the opportunity to have our accommodation already sorted for our visit. So nice to be able to spend time in Mamo’s house alongside her partner. The space like I mentioned above was beautiful and the air was clean. The perfect spot to unwind for the week, well apart from this giant bathtub.

[I found this little bath elf in it though!]

Cheeky Jacob in the bathtub having a pampering afternoon to himself.

A shame about losing the first set of photos, but I at least have these to look back on and enjoy! So much fun spending the summer here in this wonderful country. It was a complete 180 to what I was expecting when we landed.


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