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A hearty good morning to all you readers!! For those who are new to my blog, hello! Thank you for following along with my lifestyle content and channel. 💛

Here Is Where I Have Been!

I’ve actually been off the last two weeks on a small break. Not what I had actually planned to to do, or take. As I was thoroughly enjoying posting twice a week on a regular bases and communicating with you readers. I was about 2 months in with regular posting and I was really proud of myself for keeping it up alongside 2 other jobs. It was on one of my days off from work that I wanted to further organise my phones photographic content and ended up loosing thousands of photos in the process. This was the ‘problem’ that has taken my time too heavily over the past couple of weeks. 🤦🏼‍♂️

It was all because I wanted to organise my phones contents and make it easier for myself to find specific content to upload to my social channels. After exporting my [5600+] photos from my iPhone to my laptop I opted for the ‘delete upon importing’ option. I thought that my content-selected photos which were all in the VSCO app were safe whilst the exporting was taken place. But stupidly I forgot that the app had recently changed its settings and if a photo is imported yet removed from your phones gallery space, you loose it also from the app itself. Needless to say it was an actual nightmare finding out the VSCO app was completely empty after the major export. I had in this, thousands of photos that were already edited and ready for the social channels. I felt like crying and had to swallow my rage during the time. A job that would need tackling another day.

I am finally back to a point where the photos are now recovered, re-selected, re-imported, re-edited and re-exported again. It was a lengthy process and I did find out that I lost a selection of photos from Jacob’s and my first trip to Poland together. Those are permanently lost, but that is life and you must continue. So keep yourself posted as I shall be back to my regular scheduled posts. [Every Thursday & Sunday!]

For Now Though, I Want To Talk About Seeing This Lovely Lady.

So alongside regathering my lost photos, working writing jobs and my restaurant job, I had my first Sunday off last week. I managed to head to a giant car-boot sale in the early hours of the morning, have a cheeky McDonald’s and then my wonderful Meg came for a visit! It was the first time anyone from my home [excluding the parents] had come to visit me, so the whole afternoon was brilliant. We took some snaps and some Instax instant shots to properly capture the day together. Check them out below.

I’m super tempted to buy myself an Instax camera to use as I was using Jacobs during this day. Their is a smokey -white [grey] version which is so cute.

A selfie of Jacob, Meg and myself against a pond close to our home that is glistening in the sunshine.

Shot of 4 Instax pictures on the bed. Each one with a cute moment from the day, Meg, Jacob and myself had.

To be honest I feel as if I needed a little break from social channels and life in general. Having a day off to not worry about my blog, Instagram and just enjoy the sunshine with good people around was an actual blessing. I still feel as if I do need a little break away and want to plan some time to myself soon! It can get a bit much juggling 3 jobs and my relationship too and trying to make sure each aspect of my life is all happy, can often burn me out a little. I love everything in my life though, but its a balancing act. Do any of you guys have any tips for this busy lifestyle? I’ve love to hear from you beauties!


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