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Happy Sunday you beautiful lot, hope you are all well! It is that time again when work for the weekend is over and I can relax knowing that the next few days shouldn’t be as hectic. This weekend was good though as I made some good tips! 💰

Now I want to show you guys a little piece that I bought myself when Jacob and I ventured down to see my parents earlier on in the year. We stopped in Farnham, Surrey for a quick bite and stumbled into the lovely gift shop, Between The Lines.

Between The Lines

I wanted to show Jacob this shop as it moved from the next town over and is now located in Farnham where we were having a pit-stop. I explained to him it was a lovely gift shop that is always worth visiting. We headed inside to browse and there tucked in a corner, away from the main part of the shop sat this little fish sculpture on the shelf. I fell in love the moment I laid eyes on it and had to purchase it. 💛

It instantly reminded me of the coast and all the times I visited Cornwall. The simple design and colour palette is very Cornwall. I could see this in an artists workshop on the Cornish Coast. I’ve seen lots of pieces similar that use driftwood and have a coastal theme, but none like this one.

🐟 🐟 🐟 🐟 🐟

I’ve been slowly building a collection of ornaments/pieces for our current house. Little bits that I can one day transition into a home for Jacob and myself. I’ve mentioned that one day we’d both like to move and live near the ocean/coast. So stumbling across those ocean blues and greens in the form of pieces for the house is just lovely.

I grew up in a house that was a mixture from rustic farmhouse, IKEA, Scandenian, contemporary, bohemian and a place full of greenery/flowers and plants. My mum and dad have built together a home that is this huge fusion of everything. It sounds like a lot, but it really feels inviting, warm and leaves you in a space that is full of positivity and love. I guess I have my mums taste in terms of interior design and style, hence why I fell in love with these fish. It really does just remind me of all the times I visited Cornwall growing up as a kid. And recently too last year with the family and my lovely Jacob. Its a piece that automatically levels me when I walk into the room, leaves me smiling and brings a sweet calmness to the space.

Sometimes You Just Need Something Simple

I like something a little unusual and quirky myself. I like simple and I love the idea to play with colours and levels too. Something that has character or a story too it is always a huge bonus for interior design. That being said I do love other styles of design: pure minimalism, monochrome palettes, dark floral prints, concrete and the use of greys, textures. I guess really for me as an artist is that I am quite varied and versatile on things I enjoy.

I am open to a lot of things, but I also want to be happy in the space I am surrounded in. I think that is important when creating spaces around you. You should want to, want to be in the space you are living in. A place of comfort, positivity, clarity, love and a space that helps you recharge and call home. So it has been brilliant collecting pieces recently with the vision of mine and Jacob’s future home together. 💛

Its Shoal Unusually Me Susan 💁🏼‍♂️

This little shoal 🐟 reminds me of when we visited my parents. Every time I walk into our bedroom, they are either swimming just underneath the television, or perched next to my plants and other glass bottles on the window ledge. They are pretty fucking cute to be honest! Price wise, this was actually quite cheap. Only £8.96! I was expecting much more beforehand, maybe between the range of £15-£20. So I was pretty chuffed with what I paid for it. ✌🏼

Do you lot have any favourite pieces from your interior furnishings? Lets chat! Also you can check out the ‘Between The Lines‘ website through the link here. I would definitely recommend checking this company out. They have 15 shops located down the south of England and make for fantastic gifts should you have any celebratory days coming up. 🙌🏼


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