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Morning you cheeky lot! β˜• Have you all got yourself a nice cup of coffee, or tea? Brilliant, I’m enjoying a lovely cappuccino right now in my local coffeehouse and writing up this little orange post. 🍊

So I’ve mentioned on the blog before that I am working alongside Super Gay Underwear [SGU]. The team kindly allowed me to choose my favourite designs available on the SGU website and give my thoughts and opinions on them honestly. I have already reviewed 2 pieces already, which you can read through using the links at the end of this blog post.

The ‘Calvin’ – Orange

So I noticed these the ‘Calvin‘ on the SGU and felt the need to try them out. Upon relieving them I firstly noticed how bold the colour was and the suppleness of the material. It was so soft to the touch, a blend of synthetic materials help create that silkiness against the skin. I thought out of the products I was reviewing it would be great to try a pair of short style swimwear. I didn’t want to go for the traditional board shorts style as I thought it would be good to opt for something out of my usual comfort zone. Growing up before coming out I was always in that board short safer option, but since coming out I want to feel more comfortable and more me. It is still a journey. I would be lying if I say there are times that I struggle with body image.

Product Key Details/Specs:

So this product does actually come in a variety of colour options. Each one bold and made to stand out. You’ve got a total of 7 colours to choose from and I opted for the orange because it is a colour people shy away from. A friend of mine told me there is also a theme of orange on my Instagram and I’m always to jarring colours. Its fabulous isn’t it, pure vitamin C. They are many key elements that make this, the ‘Calvin‘ a great summer option to go for:

  • The fabric is a mixture of spandex, polyester and nylon. Which gives it that luxe, soft and silky feel.
  • Its material allows for quick drying.
  • Easy to clean and maintain, use a cold water wash or hand wash. No bleach, dry only on a low heat or by air drying. Do not iron the material either.
  • The design is fun, sporty and sexy.
  • Comes in 7 bold colours to choose from.
  • The design features a functional zip lock front pocket.
  • The waistband is thick and contrasting against the main body of the shorts.
  • The fit is effortlessly comfortable, ideal for long wear at the pool, at the beach, or at home.
  • They feature a square cut on the body.
  • They are low rise in design and help showcase your v-lines [If you’ve got them! I wouldn’t know!]
  • The fit is also relaxed on the body, making them easy to move around in.

The ‘Calvin‘ swim trunks retail on SGU for only Β£31.99. However you can use my discount code for 10% off. You can find that at the end of the blog post. ✌🏼

Pairing Is Caring 🍊

I also paired these cute shorts with my @Shinesty kimono 🧑. This little shoot I put together at Jacob’s mums house in Poland. Jacob left me one evening to visit some more of his family and I got to have an evening to myself. To which included a face mask and a long soak in the enormous bathtub which I’m standing in in one of the shots. Our bathroom in London is not this glamorous, so I had to take up the opportunity to enjoy it whilst I had to the chance. I used a @Perfecta matcha face mask which we purchased in a drugstore in Poland. Skincare over there is exceptionally cheap and you have options to some wonderful products that leave your skin feeling super cleansed, nourished and hydrated. There will be a post with a skincare haul from Poland up on the blog soon, so keep posted you lot! πŸ€™πŸΌ

My Verdict:

Out of the 3 I have the comfort is the biggest factor for me. I love the two other designs [The ‘Brian’ & The ‘Theo’] that I have reviewed. They are both fantastic in their own way! But the fit of these are just easy and no fuss. They are breathable and provide me with day long wear on a hot summers day and don’t leave me feel clammy. I think the bold colour choices are fun and definitely a statement. They are short shorts, which will get you noticed at the beach and would make a fantastic choice to go for. They do remind me of a Rufskin design however [A luxury hyper masculine sportswear brand] hence why I decided to give the style a whirl. But for a fraction of the price you can have something similar, which feels and looks great. Another nice point is that you could get away with wearing these and a t-shirt together, should you find yourself walking around on your holiday destination. 🧑

Again like I mentioned with the ‘Brian‘ swim trunks, SGU hold smaller sizes than average, so I would highly recommend opting a size up for a better fit. My usual go to size is a medium [M], but at SGU my usual size is a large [L]. Just double check when ordering and any problems send me a message, or reach out to the fabulous guys on the SGU site. ✨ They’ll help you out easy.


Super Gay Underwear Website

Let me know your thoughts on these ‘Calvin‘ shorts you guys and share with me what styles from the SGU you like! Shoot me a comment below and/or come chat with me over on my other platforms.


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