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Sundays are for resting right? I wouldn’t know, I am always at work! Happy Sunday you lovely lot, hope you’re good! What has been up to today? 🤙🏼

Unboxing my Nintendo 2DS XL from Game UK. The colour palette is white and orange.

I wanted to share with you guys a gift I got myself after quiting my last job in the city. It was important to leave when I did as I felt I was being bullied and no-one should have a fear of coming to work, it was a hard job and I knew that. But it was all too much and brought this high-volume of unnecessary stress to me each day I was at work (and when I wasn’t too).

Moving on-wards ✨ I found myself a job where I am treated like a real person and I’ve been doing fantastic since then. Really good for my own mental health and for aiming towards my goals in life too. Well for those who read along often you’ll have seen my posts are more regular and consistent and I’m enjoying being back on my blog, writing and being able to enjoy my life outside from work. I’ve got hobbies again and I get to spend more time with my lovely Jacob too! ✌🏼 I’ve got so much more content coming up on the blog you guys, featuring making my own skincare products, creating my own jewellery pieces and some fun latex/rubber photo-shoots.

Unboxing my Nintendo 2DS XL from Game UK. The colour palette is white and orange.

So I gifted myself a new handheld console to be able to play a backlog of video games [mainly Pokemon] I’ve never had to chance to play. My last Nintendo handheld was the DS LITE in lime green and I was after playing some of these 3DS games on the market. I took the plunge and ordered a 2DS XL from and took advantage of their premium membership program Game Elite. [Which has actually been pretty great! I’ve already earned a storm amount of points.] Its been brilliant getting back into video gaming and having time to play. Something which was stupidly rare with my last management job in Central London.

My Nintendo console and game bundle sadly is no not available! However check this link here and you can at least get the console in the same colour palette: NINTENDO 2DS XL in Orange & White

A flatlay of the 3 games that were included with my 3DS bundle: Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer, Zelda TriForce Heroes and Bravely Second

The console arrived just after my order date of the 16th of Jan 2019 and it was so exciting to open it up. I remember the morning quite well actually as I was at home enjoying a day off when the postman rang my doorbell. The team at Game were incredibly helpful and speedy with my order too. I chose the package deal that included 3 games. Two of them I have decided to re-sell on-wards as brand new, as I feel someone else may enjoy them more. I then decided to buy myself Pokemon X which was the next instalment to in the Pokemon series for me to play. I am so far behind in the Pokemon franchise I’ve had to head to my little brother for help on many occasions. At one point in our lives it used to be the other way around! Wow!

I decided to choose the orange and white colour palette as I’ve always been fascinated and love to pick the vibrant options available. I mentioned before my last DS LITE was lime green. So lets keep those crazy colours coming Nintendo because I am hear for them!

A Flat lay shot of my new Nintendo 2DS XL and Pokemon X video game box. Here you can see the console size comparison next to the box itself.

I’m already in quite a decent amount of hours play for this game above. But I’ve been really taking my time and enjoying the details in the game. It is a first-time experience for me playing this, so I’ve not actually gotten very far into the game itself. That is what I love about me as a person, is that I do like to take my time with some things, to fully appreciate the experience them.

Jacob always supports me when I talk to him about video games, because he can see it is a part of who I am. [Much like the other things that are apart of both our lives too.] I am always listening to video game soundtracks, or playing on a console [when I’ve got the time], and exciting myself about new releases too. He finds it cute and it was always something before dating him, I thought would be a turn off for guys. But it takes a whole village right. Its been great to get back into gaming now I’m in a job which allows me some extra time for myself. Jacob can see it helps me switch off from the daily-life grapple loosing myself in a virtual world.

Find Some Time For Yourself, Always! ✌🏼

Two different shots of times I've played video games with a free moment on my behalf. One at home, playing my PlayStation 3 in rubber gear and the next one at my parents home in the countryside on a previous Nintendo DS LITE model.

Whatever the mood, a chilled space and good selection of video games, handheld or larger console and I am all sorted for a handful of hours. Are there any role playing, or adventure games you recommend? Lets chat about it!


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