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Amazing, grabbed your attention! Happy Sunday funday you lot, I hope you are all doing great and enjoying this weekend!

So I’ve recently been getting into making cupcakes when I’m on a day off from work. It has been super fun to get back into baking recently. It had literally been years since I properly baked cakes of any real kind. And since we got a new oven recently, I’ve not stopped making cupcakes!

And I decided to make some batches an throw on my latex gear. 🖤 I think it makes for an interesting shoot and is there a better way to make cupcakes? Probably not. So I am combining together two of my favourites of rubber and sweet treats. Its actually pretty comfortable to wear at home all the time to be fair. Plus it is much more fun than some boring lounge wear. ✌🏼

The Lavender Fields 💜

So this batch here is my most current. I wanted to create some cupcakes with purple butter icing for my guy. They came out with a lavender hue to them. This whole cupcake thing is a new adventure for me, so I’m still learning. But I quite like how these turned out! My next goal is to create a really strong pigmented top to the cupcake. So instead of lavender, you would get a violet colour.

The Cupcake Recipe 🧁

So I’ve been using Mary Berry’s recipe and embellishing with my own little twist for decorating. I’m tempted to try out different recipes and see which ones maybe work better than the others. I’ve copied over Mary Berry’s recipe from Google and the Daily Mail newspaper online. I’ll link it here.


  • 175g butter, cut into large pieces x2 [includes the icing]
  • 175g self-raising flour [sifted]
  • 175g caster sugar
  • ½ tsp baking powder
  • 3 large eggs
  • ½ tsp vanilla extract
  • ½ tsp vanilla extract
  • 2-3 tbsp milk
  • 350g icing sugar [sifted]
  • Edible food colouring
  • Edible sprinkles or decorations

So I increased the amount of butter, self-raising flour and caster sugar to 200g for the cake mixture. To ensure there was enough of the batter to make slightly larger cupcakes. So far they have already turned out quite nicely, but I just wanted to point that adjustment out if my cupcakes looked a little more buffer compared to your turnout. 💪🏼

The How Too:

  • Preheat your oven to 180°C [fan 160°C/350°F/Gas 4]. Grab your 12-hole cupcake tin and line each one with a paper muffin, cupcake case.
  • In a large bowl, mix together the caster sugar and butter and beat until fluffy in consistency.
  • Crack the eggs into a mug and beat with a fork. Pour into the mixture of caster sugar and butter and beat again.
  • Add the ½ tsp baking powder to the mixture
  • [extra+] Add a ½ tsp of vanilla extract to the mixture to give a sweeter taste to the sponge.
  • Sift the self-raising flour into the mixture and fold it in gently. It can be quite explosive and can often jump from the bowl. Slow and steady and you are all good. Mix thoroughly until the cake batter is a creamy and slightly viscous consistency. Either use an electric whisk [if you are fancy and can afford one], or a trusty wooden spoon. I highly recommend a cute one with a face to make life that little more enjoyable.
  • Decant the mixture evenly into the already-lined cupcake tin cases.
  • Bake for 20-25 minutes until they are well risen and have a slight firmness to the tops of them. Take out and transfer carefully to a wire rack to let them cool.
  • I often place a clean and dry tea towel over mine after 5 minutes of them leaving the oven so as they don’t dry out too much from the air around them.
  • For the icing, mix in another bowl the extra set of butter mentioned above [175g], ½ tsp of vanilla extract and 2 tablespoons of milk, with half the icing sugar. Beat the last half of icing sugar and adjust with an extra teaspoon of milk if need be. You can replace the milk with the food colouring as a liquid alternative, which gives you a colourful hue to the icing. The consistency shouldn’t be either too soft and runny, or too firm and hard. It should hold its shape and easily move through a piping bag.
  • Next add the mixture to a piping bag with added nozzle of choice. I opted for the star style one to give that nice swirly detail. I also picked up my piping bag and nozzle attachments from Waitrose & Partners.
  • Lastly add sprinkles of your choice to decorate.
  • Then enjoy by sharing them out [or consuming them all!]
  • Also bonus points too, if you have yourself a quirky wooden spoon with a face. ✌🏼

The Very First Batch 💁🏼‍♂️

This batch below was my first set, without any piping equipment or extra tools for decorating. It was a tester batch against our new oven. Since that dozen, I’d not made cupcakes in years. Probably when I was back living at home as a teenager. So its fair to say I was a little rusty, but they turned out pretty well I think.

The Black Void Of Space 🌌

The space themed set below was a little trickier. I wanted to make an icing that was as black as my latex. I had an idea for a spatial cupcake with silver and gold accents, representing the void of space with its milky-way of stars and planets. Unfortunately the icing was a prominent grey hue, instead of the deep black colour I was after. I played around so much with the icing that the consistency was on the more tougher side and I found it near impossible to work through a piping bag. Because of its form, the icing didn’t stick too well against the cake tops and I was feeling defeated. Without the sprinkles they took the form of sand worms and they did not looking too appealing. So I dunked them into a bowl of these sprinkles to do something to one decorate them and stick the icing to the cake top further. I need to do some more research on how to make the pigment stronger in icing sugar. As soon as your add the sugar to any dye, the pigment lightens.

One Shot, Two Shot Cappuccino ☕

Below is the second batch that I created with coffee on the mind. I wanted to create a latte/cappuccino icing with a sponge hinted with vanilla. Something you would see in a coffee shop. These by far have been my most popular! Everyone at home and at work have given me feedback about how much they liked these. I followed the same recipe as above. Just use an instant coffee granule 1-2 tablespoons, a dash [½ tsp] of coffee flavoured syrup and mixed them both with the icing sugar and butter. Beat it as you would a normal butter icing mixture and put through a piping bag with the star nozzle to get that lovely swirly effect.

I even put together one of my cakes against one of my cappuccinos at work and did some portrait photography to see how they could look in a coffee shop. Maybe one day Jacob and I might own a coffee shop ☕, that could be cute!

All in all, I’ve been enjoying baking recently and it is something I’ve always wanted to push myself to do more regularly. Maybe it could be a feature on my blog, baking in latex. I’m often just chilling in the house in gear, it is always so comfortable and unexpected. I’ve actually got a blog post from when I did a latex/rubber photo shoot in Prague with Jacob, check it out below in the links. I love fusing together my passions and breaking down those moulds and boundaries. Live your best life you lot, you’ve only got one and if its something you enjoy, treat yourself. [It is also a great conversation starter too!] Cupcakes are such an easy and fun form of baking to do. They don’t require heaps of effort, just the openness to decorate them in all sorts of fascinating colour palettes as the sponge base is usually the same for each recipe.


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