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I’ve been a little bit busy during the last couple of weeks and doing some writing jobs on the side. So apologies that this post didn’t go live this morning. Haven’t been feeling too chipper the last few days either. So bare with whilst I get myself back on the road.
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So, I wanted to share with you lovely readers a limited edition perfume by ever so opulent, Jo Malone.

Jo Malone – ‘Nettle & Wild Achillea’ 🌿

Let’s take a trip back to Prague this year [2019], our second visit to the lovely city and Jacob and I are wondering duty free in Stansted. ✈ You know, 2 hours before your plane departs and you spritz yourself with the perfumes you can’t normally afford! Then you and you boyfriend sit comfortably on the plane with a haze of money wafting off you.

So this year I saw Jo Malone released the collection ‘Wild Flowers & Weeds‘ which was inspired by the British riverbanks and the plants that usually alongside them in the wild. 🌿 To be honest the whole concept reminded me where I’m from, which is in the heart of the countryside. 🌳 I opted for the ‘Nettle & Wild Achillea‘ and its super pretty bottle design.

My Verdict

It has such a surprising and enticing scent to begin with. My first impression was how unique it was out of the set and from what is also available in the perfume market. The others from the set although nice, weren’t as gripping to the nose personally. I think the infusion of Nettle was the reason behind how moved this perfume got me feeling. It really had everything I was after.

‘I like different and I like unusual’

It’s a nicely layered fragrance that mixes a delicate freshness, with a piercing green sting, whilst an earthy richness intensifies and deepens the overall fragrance on the skin. Check out the Notes below:

  • Top Note – Wild Achillea
  • Heart Note – Nettle
  • Base Note – Vetiver

Green sting is how Jo Malone described the Nettle notes in this fragrance and its quite possibly the only way I would describe this ingredient. It smells like hacking through nettle bushes along countryside walks. I grew up doing that down public footpaths around our fields to allow access to everyone walking and the smell of the nettle always reminded me of the spring and summer months. A dewy morning and the sting of broken nettle is such a sharp, yet fresh scent.

It is quite possibly to this date, my favourite fragrance I own. And maybe out ranks the other pieces I own from Jo Malone. It is a unusual and weird scent that transports me back to when I was younger. It is also a real shame that it is limited edition, as I think it would rank well as a full time member in their iconic collection.

I’ll have to try and source some extra bottles for myself, bit hard as it is out of stock. I missed my chance in the duty free in Stansted before our flight, but managed to secure a bottle coming back from Prague. In fact they had a nice volume of them available. [Jacob if you are reading this, we need to go to Prague again babes!] Or if that all fails, try and create/imitate my own nettle inspired scent at a perfumery!


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