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Good morning you lot. Do you know what I love, pizza. So here is a little throwback Thursday to last year when Jacob, my mum, dad and myself went out for dinner in Chelsea, London.

We were actually up at The Royal Marsden Hospital for my mum. She was receiving some treatment there and after she was done, we wondered down towards King’s Road to find some food. We stumbled across this lovely Italian place with a roof terrace. It was inviting, cosy and warm. We were all after something pizza related. πŸ€™πŸΌ

Made In Italy 🍷

The menu was full from pasta, anti-pasta, burrata, pizza and salads. You were given a long list of yummy pizzas to choose from and had the option to build your own too. It was wonderful and choice from all this fresh food was brilliant.

It was really nice to spend the time as grown-ups with my parents. Jacob got to make everyone laugh and we all shared a lovely evening. The atmosphere from the restaurant was calm and gentle. Just good food and better company. We sat for hours and talked about our life and mum and dad talked about what was going on at home with the house and my younger brothers. ✌🏼

The bruschetta was fantastic, the juicy sweet tomatoes against the creamy mozzarella was that classic Italian flavour we all loved. Needless to say it went down a treat. [And fast too!]

Here we have from left to right. Tommy [myself], Jacob, Mumma Cooper and Papa Cooper. [And some rather posh fella on a date with a lady out of frame.] πŸ€™πŸΌ

Along came the pizzas! I went for truffle oil, mushrooms and mozzarella. It was unreal, anything truffle oil is always a win right! What was even better was my reaction to eating the pizza. I have a slight tolerance to gluten, but these pizza bases didn’t leave me feeling super bloated and uncomfortable. They were made with the best ingredients and I think because of that my tummy was able to deal with it better. Unlike those bought in the grocery store. I do miss eating pizza freely now, especially since I am more conscious about my tummy and its IBS related problems. There are some great GF options out there now, but you cant beat the real deal. πŸ•

Because I’ve moved to London to be with my guy I don’t often see my family. But over the last few years and especially since coming out back when I was 23 [I’m 28 now], I’ve grown far more closer to my family. We don’t get to spend lots of time together these days. So I always make sure the times that I/we visit, is always enjoyed and spent with good food and laughter. When we cant visit, we call one another and that can just be as nice.

Sometimes I look over my blog and gallery and snaps of me and my lovely guy and this reassuring warmth envelopes me. I stop and see those smiles. All those years battling demons let me find the path that led me to this human. He is silly and I love him so much. He is kind and he is strong. He has let me be the most confident version of myself and I struggle to find words sometimes to explain how impactful he has and is, on my life. πŸ’›

Just a short post, remembering a lovely afternoon spent in a different part of London with my wonderful guy and parents. I remember feeling a little anxious throughout the day because of mums treatment, but the love from this memory is just as fresh to me as if it was only yesterday. One thoroughly enjoyable moment we all shared outside on the roof terrace, with drinks, great food and the feel of the summer evening breeze around us. I’d definitely recommend ‘Made In Italy’ for a bite to eat, its got great prices, its low-key and very relaxed. The staff are an absolute dream and its a fun place to dine if you get the chance to go on the roof terrace.

Check out their website and menu below you lot!
‘Made In Italy’ – MENU
‘Made In Italy’ Official Website


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