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Shinesty – ‘Peacock’ Ball Hammocks Review

Happy Sunday! And what better way to spend it in bed with a loved one. Here is to lazy weekend mornings in bed with my lovely Jacob, or having a pillow fight! [Clearly staged you lot!] ✌🏼 It was a right mission to capture a good motion shot of the pillows!

S h i n e s t y

So we are reviewing the set of Ball Hammock Boxers that Shinesty sent over to Jacob and myself. We were kindly gifted 3 designs and this post is dedicated to the ‘Peacock’ design [that is the green and black colour palette]. I must admit I’ve been rather slow in getting these reviews put together, so I apologise to Shinesty and you guys who’ve been following me over on my Instagram!

If you guys want to check out the robe that was gifted then click the link to the blog post just below here. Or you can find the link further down at the end of the post.

Shinesty – The Unisex Kimono You Never Knew You Needed

‘Orange Crush Hawaiian Party Kimono’

I’d definitely go check out my thoughts on the robe! Its boujee, so fun and to this date, the nicest silky kimono I own. I love it. The design always brightens my mood and the fabric is so great on the skin.

Ball Hammocks – Why This Name?

Basically, they support your boys with a hammock-like pouch. Designed for the modern man who wants a set of briefs to enable him to feel and look his best. The Ball Hammock Boxer Briefs have been a huge staple for the brand Shinesty and Jacob and myself can see why. Upon first opening our packs, we popped them on and were quite astonished with how they looked and felt. We have a few pairs of pouch supporting undies from different brands and it can be a right chore to find ones that don’t become uncomfortable after long wear.

The Most Comfortable Boxer Briefs

Well they aren’t wrong with this claim. Shinesty have created a pouch that is not only comfortable, but lifts and supports your boys. The blend of fabric used for these provides effortless comfort and easy wear. Without that tightness that some types of briefs can lay on the skin and leg. The mix is a blend of 95% Micromodal & 5% Spandex. They provide enough stretch and moisture-wicking abilities to allow for day long wear and still feel fresher on the skin than rival brands. The Ball Hammock design cradles your junk nicely in the same place, without any crushing or suffocation. Its the perfect balance for a set of briefs really. Some of our other undies have the support, but a restricted space for your packaging.

Our Verdict

The ‘Peacock’ Ball Hammock Boxer Briefs are a fabulous set of undies to invest in. Jacob and I both highly recommend them. In fact since receiving them I’ve noticed Jacob has been wearing them a large chunk of time over the last couple of months. Much to his vast collection of other undies, he often opts for his Shinesty sets. He always tells me how much he loves the feel of them and how they support him. Plus I’d like to say he looks pretty darn yummy every time I get to see him in them. I personally used to wear boxer briefs, but found them quite ‘clammy’, so since a few years ago leaned more towards classic briefs or jockstraps as a more breathable option. To this date, my own underwear collection are pretty much these styles of undies. So it is nice to find a brand that gets how to design boxer briefs that are still nice to wear throughout the day. Now I’ve tried these I’d like to give myself the option to have a collection of these styles to switch between. Shinesty honestly hit the nail on the head when they designed these Ball Hammocks. They provide a cloud like cradling to your boys and give you total comfort and freedom to feel fucking brilliant through the day.

My only notes since receiving mine is that the sizing might be a tad [and I mean tad!] on the relaxed side. I wear a medium [M] and Jacob wears a small [S]. I would still be happy with my medium fit, it is very much true to size. But I’ve accidentally worn Jacob’s small [S] set a few times [when I’ve done the washing] and mixed them up with my own pairs. Wearing them throughout the day I often didn’t realise as the sizing was just a little more fitted on my body. Still comfortable and breathable. But I would recommend shopping true to your size, only if you want a more fitted set, go a size down.

The Ball Hammocks come in a huge variety of loud prints and colour palettes. I wasn’t after a print-print myself, but something with a cute palette instead. They retail $24.99 on Shinesty’s website and using google, they convert to about £20.55. They have a few pack options to save you a little and you get two or three pairs. They also have a subscription option where you receive a set per month, every other month, or every three months. Totally flexible for you and you can cancel at anytime. A great way to build a nice collection, plus you save extra money by doing it this way. The Ball Hammock Boxer Briefs are a brilliant and premium way support you and your manhood. Why would you not treat them like little kings [oops probably not the best choice of words there!!]


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