Colour Run – Can You Paint With All The Colours Of The Wind?

Hello readers, I hope everyone is having a lovely week. Today’s post features a fantastic experience Jacob took me on last year, it was something that I had never done before. Have any of you readers done ‘The Colour Run’. It is such a wild event!
[Kudos if you got where the title came from too!]

The Colour Run 🎨🏃🏼‍♂️

A selfie of Jacob and myself [Tommy].

The Colour Run took 2018 took place in Wembley Park, London. So Jacob and I set off early in the morning to get there before the big start! We both wore our t-shirts for the event and matching purple bands too.

A selfie of Jacob and myself [Tommy]. We are standing at Wembley Park with crowds of people behind wearing 'The Colour Run' t-shirt.

When we got to the park, we found where we needed to be before the run started and the crowd of people was huge. It was a little overwhelming to be fair and I remember I was feeling pretty anxious that day. Jacob however was wonderful at getting me to enjoy the moment. It wasn’t long until I was feeling happy with myself and able to enjoy the event we both were at.

Jacob is jumping with the crowd of people behind him getting ready to line up for the run.

My lovely jellybean was so excited to be back, as he completed the run the year previous to us. He was ready as you can tell from his lavish expression.

I [Tommy] am jumping against the backdrop of people in Wembley Park.

A shot taken by a random person of Jacob and myself [Tommy] at the foam gate checkpoint. It looks like a giant bubble bath has erupted all over the floor and covered people as they run through it.

The run itself was high energy and just so fun. I cant believe I’d never been to these type of great events before. The colour, the paint, the smiles all around us, everyone dressed to just enjoy themselves, the foam, the laughter and the love in the air was incredible.

An intimate photo of Jacob and myself [Tommy] sharing a kiss after completing the run at the last gate. We are covered in powered paint from head to toe. This was kindly taken by a young man this photograph.

We got to the end and we had some lovely people throughout the race take our photo together. This shot above was taken just after the last gate where the finish line is. We wanted one of us capturing the moment as a proud couple.

A selfie of Jacob and myself [Tommy] kissing after finishing the run. We are covered in different coloured powdered paint.

A happy selfies from Jacob and myself [Tommy] showing our smiles after finishing the run. We are exhausted, happy and covered in paint.

As you can see too, my mood elevated and for Jacob and the day out we had together I am grateful. Being stuck in your head is a horrible place to be, but sometimes doing something fun, or active and having someone there to support you is all your need to eventually overcome it.

A shot of our trainers which got ruined by the paint and foam as we ran the course. Around our feet are multicoloured confetti pieces.

After finishing we stood at the main park area where the run had initially started, drinking coconut waters and getting those electrolytes back into our bodies. We were both exhausted, but so gleeful and just sat on the floor watching everyone around us. It was definitely worth pushing through my anxious mind to complete and I was so proud of myself for the day that Jacob and I took. And I have him to thank for that, so thank you my lovely guy.

A shot taken seconds after the confetti cannons fired a huge blast of colourful pieces that rained down on the crowd in Wembley Park. The crowd themselves threw powdered paint into the air giving this hazy atmosphere where everyone is having fun.

I’d definitely like to do this again sometime. You can check out ‘The Colour Run’ here.


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