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Little appreciation post for someone lovely! Have you met William, he is pretty wonderful! We haven’t really seen each other much over the last few years. He has been working abroad a lot, and I miss him. However that being said, I’m so proud of him for working hard and travelling the world. 🏝 It is nice to see him flourish and explore all these places around the globe. 🌍

Let Me Introduce You To William ✌🏼

A selfie featuring William and Myself [Tommy]

A selfie featuring William and Myself [Tommy]

To be honest with you guys, William was the first guy I came out to. He was there during the tough year I had when I was coming out. This was the year I was being bullied for being a gay man. The difficult times where I was at my lowest. I actually owe him my life and I’ll never forget the impact he has had on it. He showed me why it was OK to be gay and how to enjoy being a gay man.

He took me to my first gay club in Soho, London [G-A-Y LATE] and I remember the times we danced, cried and were drunk together. He is that friend you have who has your back. He has a good heart and wonderful laugh. My mum wanted to meet him when she got diagnosed with her sickness. She wanted to express her gratitude to him looking after me when I was living in London that year I was coming out. This has already been said but:

Thank You William

Thank you for being the person you are. I don’t see you as my best friend, I see you as family. I think at some point the best of friends evolve into a new level of respect and appreciation to one another. πŸ–€ I am looking forward to catching very soon with you babes!

A selfie featuring William and Myself [Tommy]

A selfie featuring William and Myself [Tommy]

To any young gay humans reading this who follow my blog and who are still coming to terms with yourself. Know that finding someone [like William has done to me] to support you and give you hope is the best thing towards learning to love and accept yourself. It is so important for your mental state and trust me, without William I’d have been in a different place way back then. Surround yourself with amazing people with brilliant energies. Friends that eventually become family. I’m 28 now and I can finally say I’ve got a small close circle of people who mean the world to me for many different reasons. They’ve all touched my life and I am forever grateful for their love.

It does get easier, talking and being honest about who you are is the start. As ominous as it may be, it could bring some amazing people into your life. If you ever need to talk to someone, know my place here is a safe space. You can find me on my Instagram, Twitter or send me across an email via my blog.


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