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Good morning lovelies, our time in Cornwall is coming to an end on the blog. It has been amazing though writing up the trip I took with my wonderful guy and family last year. It’s also another thing I can proudly tick off my ‘Master List’ of content to upload. Slowly getting myself up to date!

Now I saved this post to last as I didn’t feel the need to waffle on about all these photographs. I quite frankly just wanted a very calm and easy post, that just showed how beautiful Cornwall’s beaches can be. And when we were down in Cornwall we all stopped off to the sandy shores of this lovely little seaside town.

Welcome To Perranporth

Landscape shot of Perranporth beach with the waves lapping against the sand. Two people are surfing far out in the waves.

Perranporth is just north of St. Agnes and has this wonderful sweeping sandy beach. The seaside town is full of your traditional Cornish shops, with some lovely additions. Jacob and I found a crystal shop which gave us the opportunity to look at some gemstones. I’ve mentioned before that I have always been fascinated with crystals and gemstones, before knowing really that they are used in crystal healing. You can follow the link here to read ‘ENERGY & CRYSTAL HEALING‘ which I wrote about last year on the blog. πŸ’Ž

The far end of the beach at Perranporth, where the cliffs fall into the water and the waves are crashing against it. The sky is blue, full of white clouds and brings a summery feel to the picture.

Now the beaches are quite seriously, lovely. They aren’t exactly the Seychelles but lets be realistic here. We are so lucky to have these wonderful sandy beaches available to use here in Britain. Being able to pack the car or hop on the train down to Cornwall, is such a stress free vacation, always. I think that it’s quite special in it’s own way. No drama and no fuss. You’ll also find too that the beaches can be quite empty depending on the time of year, most people have flocked to different countries. Sometimes you’ll have the beach to yourself.

Perranporth beach with people walking dogs down by the shoreline, running and also playing in the ocean. The sky is dramatic, yet playful with big clouds that dance ontop of the water.

Going To Miss These Sandy Beaches

I love this photo that I took of my Jacob! It was his first time suiting up and getting into the water and he loved it so much. I wanted to capture some of these memories to remind him of this trip we took together and this new experience for him. For me, it was just being near the ocean with the sand between my toes and the water lapping against my ankles. So blissful!

Jacob suited up in a wetsuit posing in the water. He is holding his board up whilst people in the background are riding and enjoying the water. The sunlight is bouncing off the water creating these beautiful reflections and light in the picture.

Tommy (me), my lovely mother and one of my little brothers enjoying a cheeky ice-cream in the town of Perranporth. We were celebrating my little brothers birthday.

A Cornish Birthday ✌🏼

Whilst we were there it was actually my little brothers birthday (lucky him) and I left my dad, Jacob and other brother in the sea and took mum and this brother for ice-creams. We also had a wonder around the shops and it was here that I found that crystal shop too. πŸ’Ž

Now my mum wanted me to note on here [mum if you’re reading this] that she felt she wasn’t looking her best during this time. She has been diagnosed with stage 4 malignant melanoma and was enduring the side effects from the medication treatment and steroids. However that being said, she is doing much better since this photo has been taken. But I think she looks so beautiful here and she is so strong. It was also so important for me to get a cute photo all together with our Cornish ice-creams. 🍦 This is another photo from the trip that I cherish.

A shot of the beach at Perranporth, with people enjoying the day. The wind is blowing the waves up against the sand and shoreline and people can be seen in the distance riding the water.

Surf’s Up Babe πŸ€™πŸΌ

A shot of my boyfriend Jacob with his wetsuit on from the back. He is looking out to the water eager to jump in and learn to ride on the waves. The sky is this magnificant light blue that falls into the turquoise and white water below. The waves are clear as crystal as they lap against the shore.

It was such a great day here in Perranporth. Definitely worth a visit should you find yourself down in Cornwall. They have lots of parking and its a small walk to the beach, but you’ll find plenty of beach for everyone. Personally think Jacob was the most handsome of the surfers there. I might be biased though…

A simple short of Tommy (me) and my handsome boyfriend Jacob with the town of Perranporth behind us. We were standing near the waters edge with everyone around us enjoying the beach.

Until next time Cornwall! You’ve been amazing and we will definitely be back. Maybe we’ll even drive next time instead of catching the train down!

Thank you all so much for sharing the experience with me as I wrote up our travels to Cornwall. I know it was slightly delayed, but it has been amazing re-connecting with Cornwall again and having a brilliant audience to talk too.


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*This was a family holiday
[Photography] – Thomas Benjamin Cooper

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