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Another Sunday, another set of swim trunks? Is that a thing, could that be a thing. Anyway, I’ve got another set of cute swim trunks up on the blog on this Thursday morning, from Super Gay Underwear. I wrote a little while back that I was working alongside Super Gay Underwear [SGU] to show you guys some of my favourite pieces from their store.

Let me introduce to you guys to the second pair of trunks they have kindly sent over. You can read about the first set through the link at the end of the blog you guys.

The β€˜Theo’ – Navy/Flamingo

Cute right?! I love a flamingo themed piece and from the product page on the SGU website, these looked like a really great pair to try out. They are so lovely. Very me, very Lana Del Rey – ‘Music to Watch Boys To’, era.

What I really wanted to do was create a conceptual photo shoot with them and I knew exactly the style I wanted to go for. I decided to feature the brilliant neon flamingo light that my mum and dad gave to me during mine and Jacob’s Christmas together. My mum has gifted me with a few flamingo related presents over the years, so it was nice to add to my own collection with these SGU swim trunks.

Be More Like The Fabulous Flamingo You Guys

The ‘Theo‘ swim trunks are a true statement piece for a guy who isn’t afraid to be daring. The printed flamingo design is cute and perfect for any guy who wants to feel fabulous. The navy blue colour against the birds gives these swim briefs a pop to the eye. You’ll notice this have a similar fit to the ‘Brian‘ trunks I’ve previously reviewed. The over fit I would personally say is a little more relaxed on me. Against my body I found this style was more normal, than low rise. But, only through comparing this to the ‘Brian‘ model I own from SGU.

Product Key Details/Specs:

The model doesn’t come in alternative colours, mind you that would be quite cool if it did. Maybe a pink with white, or even blue flamingos! It does just come in this one set style. Many key elements come together to bring this featured ‘Theo‘ swim trunk to life:

  • Easy to maintain and clean, using cold water and no bleach. Drying is easy, either air dry or on a low heat.
  • They are low rise on the hips.
  • No cheek peek, will means they sculpt and support your bum, giving you a peachy πŸ‘ behind for your boyfriend to enjoy.
  • They are a snug fit on the body
  • Made with a blend of synthetic materials, spandex and nylon. For a comfortable and a super smooth wear. The material gives a slight shimmer to them.
  • Because of the material this means that they are quick drying and don’t hold water for very long.
  • The trunks feature a drawstring to ensure an extra tightened fit.
  • The waistband is thick and stylish.
  • The print of the flamingos feature the entire way around the trunks and meet cutely in the middle.
  • The overall fit makes them incredibly comfortable to wear for the day.

These ‘Theo‘ swim trunks retail on SGU for only Β£31.99. However you can use my discount code for 10% off. You can find that at the end of the blog post.

Here below is a little close up of the ‘Theo‘ design. On me they weren’t as snug as the ‘Brian‘, but still low rise against my hips. I think the thick waistband had something to do with that noticeable detail.

My Verdict:

The ‘Theo‘ swim trunks are a fun design to opt for, I’ve certainly fallen in love with them. I really like the detailing in these trunks, they are that combination of loud, but cute. The flamingo print is super detailed and the thick waistband made for these to be quite comfortable for long-term wear. I took my ‘Theo‘ set, amongst other pieces from SGU to Jacob and my recent trip to Poland and I’m so excited to share with you guys the photos from our shoot. This is definitely a set I would like to see in different prints too, or at least colour combinations. The shiny material captured the light wonderfully and makes for a brilliant tropical option for anyone who jet-setting to warmer climates with palm trees. Again like I mentioned with the ‘Brian‘ swim trunks, SGU hold smaller sizes than average, so I would highly recommend opting a size up for a better fit. My usual go to size is a medium [M], but at SGU my usual size is a large [L]. Just double check when ordering and any problems send me a message, or reach out to the fabulous guys on the SGU site.

I would LOVE to get a picture of these at the Flamingo Beach in Aruba. That would be quite something, maybe one day Jacob and I will go there! Be more like a flamingo, be fabulous and wear your ‘Theo‘ swim trunks loud and proud you guys!

You can shop the ‘Theo’ here, or over in the heading below. Make sure you use my discount code to save yourself some money, should you decide to splurge and treat yourself. You can use my cheeky code more than once by the way, for multiple purchases!


Super Gay Underwear Website

Let me know your thoughts on these you guys and share with me what styles from the SGU you like! Shoot me a comment below and/or come chat with me over on my other platforms.


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