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Hey you guys, have any of you been to Land’s End. More importantly do you know what and where I am on about? It is pretty much the most western edge of the Cornish coast that overlooks the Celtic sea, the Sicily Isles [one of my favourite places on the planet] and the vast Atlantic Ocean! πŸ›₯

It is a great place to visit in Cornwall as the views are absolutely breathtaking. I could have spent hours just sitting there taking in the immense blue of the ocean and the sheer drop from the cliff-faces into waters below. It was a place I visited as a child and I remember it being super windy.

A glorous view overlooking the Cornish coast that we took from the road side. Below you can see the aquamarine waters, sandy beach and small houses that are present near the waters edge.

We took a drive from Newlyn around the coastal roads to get to Land’s End [which is such a large tourist destination now]. We stopped a couple of times during the car journey to take a picture or two. I snapped this one, but for the life of me cannot remember what this beach is called below. It was a sandy beach that was nestled deep down these coastal hills. If anyone knows of the place, send me a message and I can add that in!

A shot of a takeaway Cornish coffee cup, which was enjoyed overlooking the view from Land's End, Cornwall.

Heading back with my lovely boyfriend and family and it was a wonderful morning spent as we enjoyed a pasty, a cheeky latte and these wonderful views. Jacob and I decided it would be a fantastic spot for a fashion shoot, because we don’t often get a background like this to play with. β˜•

Welcome To Land’s End

Just Watch The Drop Yeah!

Tommy sitting on the rocks, just past the safety barrier overlooking the ocean and cliffs below. To the side shows the coastal pathways that lead all around the edge of Land's End, Cornwall.

This location is perfect for long coastal walks, which you can see run off the frame from where I was sitting. I was also thinking to myself not to get these white shorts dirty! 🏝

Jacob sitting very relaxed checking out the views of the Atlantic and Celtic sea below. The cliff faces have the waves crashing against them below.

If i’m being honest with you, Jacob and I were having a squabble mid-way through our visit here. I guess I was feeling a little anxious and on edge [figuratively and mentally]. I said to him I wanted to do a photo shoot with the outfits we were wearing which was all cool, as he wanted to do the same. ✌🏼

Tommy overlooking at the the little islands where Longships Lighthouse keeps the ships from crashing. The ocean is vast and blue and compliments my outfit of white and blue.

We were right at the lookout point where a thin rope was fencing off where it can become more dangerous should you go past it and slipping will basically lead to falling to your death. Jacob insisted we take the photo just on the other side of the rope, where we would have been safe. But I was so worried someone would start yelling from the buildings/restaurants and that we would get told off for not staying behind the designated line.

Jacob looking as far as he can from Land's End into the Atlantic and Celtic ocean.

So during all these lovely photos that we captured I was actually not feeling great! I was worrying about ‘what if’, instead of just living in the moment. Of course we would have been safe and not put ourselves in any danger, but I just had a small anxiety attack that ended up with Jacob and I having a squabble.

Tommy perched on a rock looking a little nervous with the view of the Atlantic and Celtic ocean behind him.

I was trying to keep myself composed for the photos, but that was what was going on. That is something as well that photos cant tell you. Whether the moment you’ve just captured had anything else happening before/after the shot was made. We made up quickly as Jacob could sense my hostility was from anxiety getting the better of me. In that moment he reassured me and we didn’t leave that spot with any negative energy between us. He is always good to me like that. πŸ’›

The Dangerous Cliffs sign with safety rope marking out the correct place to stand to enjoy the view at Land's End. The background shows the dangerous rocks and wild waters below.

This was the warning sign, which I found both fascinating for a photograph, but also wanted to abide by too. The thin rope is pictured here and we were standing just the other side of it. To be honest with you all reading, there was a lot more land visible before the actual ‘drop’ into the ocean. We were safe during our photo shoot. However being someone who has always followed the rules, even with things like this, it obviously still has a massive impact on my life now. I just don’t like breaking the rules and daring to live a little. I find that completely scary to me, but Jacob is more bold and is helping me to overcome this. Vice-versa too, I have been told how much more grounding I am to him, by his mum, family friends and my own family too. I guess that is why we are so perfect together. 🏝

My outfit was the main thing I wanted to really share with this blog entry. But I’ll always be honest with you guys in terms of my content. You can find the outfit details just below! I hope you’ve been enjoying the shots in this post whilst reading about how I was a massive pain in the ass that day!

Tommy in his nautical outfit overlooking the beautiful and vast views where the sea and sky meet in a variety of blues. The details for the outfit include a white and blue stripy short sleeved shirt, short white shorts and brown gladiator sandals.

The Outfit Details

I really do love these photos that we captured during our visit to Land’s End. It is definitely somewhere I think Jacob and I will revisit. Maybe when the sun is out for the day as well? You will find below one of my favourite pictures that was taken by my awesome little brother! A little out of frame, but a great one! I also liked that our outfits for the day corresponded with one another. Two sailors in love! βš“


Jacob and Tommy sharing a kiss whilst perched on the rocks against the cliff face and ocean views in the background. The Longships Lighthouse are perfectly visible from where we are situated on the edge of Land's End.

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*This was a family holiday
[Photography] – Thomas Benjamin Cooper and my little brother

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