Super Gay Underwear – The Brian Swim Trunks

Good Morning you lot! Lets talk swim trunks and where I’ve been getting mine from. A happy Thursday to you all who are joining us today. šŸ’› I’ve been busy working with a brand to share some of my favourite pieces from their website. Let me introduce you guys to:

Super Gay Underwear

Super Gay Underwear [SGU] is a brand that supplies many options of clothing to us fabulous gay men. The categories range from swimwear, underwear, kink wear and casual pieces. Their online store is easy to shop on, navigate and features ongoing new items, that are released throughout the year. So always check back, because they might have dropped additional pieces.

A close-up flat lay style shot featuring the 'Brian' model, in the 'Stripes' colour choice. The swim trunks are a bold mixture of dark blue, light blue, orange, yellow and white stripes.

Some Brand Information:

SGU is all about allowing yourself to wear something exciting, different, bold and colourful. The brands message is about celebrating our unique personalities through what we wear. To be proud and confident and change the conversation on what it means to be sexy. Discovering yourself and being the truest version of you, that you can be. The brand stands entirely for body-positivity, self acceptance, self confidence and self love. I think this message is so important for our community, but also for the rest of the world too. We all have different bodies and we should be encouraging each other that everyone is beautiful no matter what shape, style or personality. šŸ’•

That being said I fully stand by this message and love being able to share what is available by SGU for you guys to enjoy. Below we have one the items I picked out from their collection. I was a tad hesitant, because it is not my usual style of swimwear. But, let me introduce you to this colourful model:

The ‘Brian’ – Stripes

Showing the back details for the 'Brian' model in the coloured 'Stripes' option. The pattern consists of stripes of dark blue, light blue, yellow, orange and white. The no cheek peek feature on the design shows how it holds the cheeks perfectly.

Available in a variety of colours choices, this was my favourite of the options listed. The ‘Brian’ has come with me now twice to Poland for a holiday. It is the perfect little option to relax in, in this summer heat. I wore mine on its own and paired with a t-shirt too.

I love the design for this set of trunks. The burst and pop of the print is quite significant, giving both sexy and cute. It is definitely one of my favourite set of trunks that I own to date. I am really looking forward to debuting them on a sandy beach šŸšŸ¦ with my lovely Jacob one day. āš“

The front of the 'Brian' model with the 'Stripes' colour pattern. Consisting of dark blue, light blue, orange, yellow and white. The white drawstring and push up pad are shown in this image too.

Product Key Details/Specs:

Like I’ve mentioned above, this model comes in different colour options on SGU. 6 to be exact. The ‘Brian’ features many key elements to make it a great pair of trunks to own:

  • A blend of nylon and spandex for maximum comfort.
  • The material is quick drying and breathable against the body.
  • A waistband with drawstring to ensure fit around your waist.
  • Low rise design on the hips. Hello v-lines. [If you have them!!]
  • The fit is snug, so size up for a better fit, or between sizes.
  • No cheek peek, leaves your bum perfectly covered/peachy. šŸ‘
  • Includes a supportive push up pad for your bulge.
  • Easy to maintain – wash cold, no bleach, no iron and dry using a low heat, or leave to air dry naturally.

They are priced at: $31.99 on the website. But you can save 10% using my special discount code

Showing from a far the low rise on these the 'Brian' and how they sit on the body. The colours for the 'Stripes' option use dark blue, light blue, yellow, orange and white. The drawstring is tied and push up pad are featured alongside here too.

My Verdict:

The ‘Brian‘ really is a brilliant set of trunks to go for! I LOVE them! They will definitely be a set I will continue to wear into the future. My set have been worn numerous times and are unbelievably comfy, even though the low rise took a little getting used to. They don’t feel too tight around my waist/body and are easy to relax in too. I am living for how my bum looks in them too! šŸ‘šŸ’› It would be nice to be able to fully enjoy wearing these trunks without my shirt on. Hello body issues! Does anyone else have any insecurities that stutter their self confidence.

My only real note is that the sizing is not your normal go-to size, well it wasn’t for me anyway. This was where I was a tad sceptical to begin with as the fit was important for me, but just double check the size. My usual is a medium [M] for underwear, shorts and bottoms. But on SGU I wear a large [L] size you guys! And the fit then just as it should be, wonderful! Look at the sizing and measure yourself before ordering. You’ll also find that the products on the SGU website are all different cuts and styles, so the overall fit will be completely different, per different model of trunks. So be smart when you are browsing. That being said it hasn’t shied me away from wanting more pieces from SGU. I’ve really enjoyed getting to review this model for the brand and share my thoughts with you guys.

The back view of the 'Brian' swim trunks showing the, no cheek peek feature and fit on the bum. The colour is the stripes option which is a mixture of dark blue, light blue, yellow, orange and white.

You can shop the ‘Brian’ here through the link in the heading below, or any of the links throughout the post. I have kindly been giving a cheeky discount code for you guys to use too. And with mine, it never expires! So you can shop multiple times and get yourself 10% off any item, from any category. Or shop multiple pieces and take off 10% from the entire bill.


Super Gay Underwear Website

Let me know your thoughts on these you guys and share with me what styles from the SGU you like! Shoot me a comment below and/or come chat with me over on my other platforms.


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