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Happy Thursday everyone, come and explore some of Penzance & Newlyn with us!! I’ve included lots of visual material, so its a breeze this post to read through. Also check out this mushroom haircut I had during the visit! ๐Ÿ„

Jacob & Tommy At Penzance Train Station

When we arrived by train to Penzance from London, we were greeted with this grey sky. We had a good 30/40 minute walk ahead of us to get to our cottage, so decided to walk against the seafront. Much easier with our luggage and predominantly more flat of a surface. Penzance town is full of steep hills, so, no thanks babe!

Anyone Want To Help Us With Our Bags? โœŒ๐Ÿผ

Gloomy weather Penzance beachfront with views of Jubille Pool and St Michael's Mount in the distance

We stopped here to take in the ocean and its breeze, whilst giving my parents a call to let them know we arrived safely from London. Not the prettiest of weather, but still made for a great capture. It wasn’t long until we made our way to the lovely ‘Orchard Cottage’ [which you can read here] that was situated overlooking the beautiful harbour of Newlyn below.

Boats in the water at Newlyn harbour.

The harbour was lovely to wonder through. Full to the brim with boats and little ships of all colours and sizes. I adore this marina style lifestyle, its totally relaxing to me. Do any of you guys reading find it as relaxing too? Its a simple life, but a tough one and I’m here for that! It must be so cool to own a boat and just tell everyone you are off to the docks to jump on board!

Large rusty fishing boat docked at Newlyn harbour

I remember whilst walking up and down taking these photos of the boats, the noticeably, hilarious amount of looks I was given by men working down in the harbour. Not your local dress code in a huge aviator jacket and leather joggers [see the look here]. Very much brought my London style down to Cornwall and all the fishermen watching me from their boats as I was photographing. I was also taking some shots against the boats of some skincare products which you can check out here below:

The Newlyn Harbour Lighthouse

Below is probably my most favourite shot of Newlyn’s harbour that I took. The tiny red and white lighthouse that overlooks the sea and safely brings the boats into the docks. This little gem was absolutely wonderful and picturesque, especially with that days current forecast. I would love to live in a lighthouse, I think that could be really exciting.

Lighthouse In Harbour at Newlyn Cornwall

The harbour was a buzzing utopia of workers bringing in produce to take to local shops/suppliers. Lots of crates containing fish and crustaceans. We had a wonder through it numerous times, and each time was so different. Where can I put my boat then?

Newlyn harbour with a collection of fishing boats of all colours and sizes

Two large yellow, white and black fishing boats docked side by side in Newlyn harbour

Heading Up The Hill To Orchard Cottage

A maze of single lanes twisted and turned from the harbours edges towards the brow of the hill. All up against the hill were properties with wonderful views stretching out towards the sea.

A small property with a garden down a winding side street from Orchard Cottage towards the harbour in Newlyn

Quick Move A Car, Jacob!

Being a single track lane too, made it all the more fun dodging cars making their way through. Finding a little alcove to dive into, to let a giant 4×4 SUV through was all part of the fun navigating these streets. There were some lovely little properties hidden down these streets. Lovely little Cornish cottages.

A narrow lane that winds down towards the Newlyn harbour with views of Penzance and the ocean.

This little boat was propped up against the ramp that leads into the water. A fisherman doing some maintenance on his ship before it goes back into the harbour. I thought this little blue boat was rather sweet out of the water.

A fisherman repairing his docked blue fishing boat on land in Newlyn harbour

Time For A Change Of Weather

Glorious blue skies overlooking the lighthouse from Penzance coastal edge and the water below

Finally some shots that included the gorgeous Cornish sunshine. We were lucky enough to capture some when we weren’t exploring everywhere else in Cornwall. This shot was from near the border between Penzance and Newlyn. As you can see the little red and white lighthouse from earlier on in the post.

Penzance pebble and sand beach with views of the Newlyn, its harbour and lighthouse

This shot above just showing more of the beach during high-tide with Newlyn in the background. I really miss being near the beach right now as I write this journal entry up. I definitely feel my absolute best when near the ocean.

Screaming For That Ice-cream

Lastly though was one of the best parts of the holiday. Not only spending it with Jacob and my family, but enjoying a delicious homemade, local Cornish ice cream against this backdrop. It had to be done!

Enjoying a lovely homemade Cornish icecream on Penzance coastal front with blue skies and the ocean in front

Cornwall for me is one of my favourite places to visit. It was my first time back after a long hiatus, my first time with my boyfriend Jacob, his first time ever and our first time with my family on a holiday together. So quite the holiday this time around. โš“ Whats your favourite place to visit? Let me know in the comments you guys.


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*This was a family holiday
[Photography] โ€“ Thomas Benjamin Cooper

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