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Just outside of Mousehole harbour is a beachfront of rocks that overlooks a small island. It was here we saw a very round seal, relaxing in the water just offshore from that very island in the background. You could definitely see that the seal bobbing up and down on the waves, was enjoying his very best life. Lets all be more like the round seal floating atop the waves.

Let’s Take A Trip Back To Mousehole βš“

Tommy In Mousehole Cornwall Overlooking The Sea

Happy Sunday babes, sending you all out lots of love! πŸ’› I wanted to take us back to Mousehole, Cornwall one last time. Only this time for more of a fashion related blog entry. Whilst we were there exploring [which you can read all about here] and next to the car-park to the harbour itself, was this stretch of land with these wonderful grey stones that stumble down into the waves. These rocks were all sizes and a great location for a fashion shoot.

Close-up Of Rocks In Mousehole Cornwall

I’m very much a sucker for grey things and its definitely something that works to my own style and aesthetic. Why don’t we all appreciate this great shade, it can do so much. Now my style has shifted from my days of wearing daily monochrome looks and that is thanks to Jacob to be honest with you. Branch out and be the best version of yourself hun!

Tommy In Mousehole Cornwall Overlooking The Sea

I wanted to wear firstly something for the weather, lets be practical. Being near the sea is a lot cooler due to the winds that sweep across it towards the direction of land. So I went along with a pair of jeans and this huge reclaimed aviator jacket. Just a simple grey tee underneath and pairing it all together with my brown sandals.

[Also just realised that I look like I’m totally balding too, nightmare!!]

Mousehole Cornwall Overlooking The Sea

Lets Talk About The Look

The outfits details are as follow:

  • Aviator Jacket – Re-claimed from a vintage charity store. [It’s actually Jacob’s, but I always wear this one. So you could say I re-claimed it from him?] β™»
  • Grey Nike T-shirt – Bought at a car-boot sale/rummage sale β™»
  • Ripped Jeans – Topman
  • Brown Sandals – Allsaints

I actually buy a lot of my wardrobe through my love of car-boot/rummage sales. It was Jacob who got me into re-claiming and you can find some pretty awesome pieces! This is something I think is important towards being sustainable with your fashion. Wear, care and then re-share with others. β™»

Tommy In Mousehole Cornwall Overlooking The Sea

The gloomy weather, which gave Cornwall an ominous feel this morning, was rather on the cold side for the day. So dressing accordingly lead to this look. It was something a little different and that’s alright. I mean I’m on holiday, the fact I even put on clothes was a job well done. And my sandals choice too, giving me hope that some sunshine would arrive sometime later that day. It didn’t.

Thanks for reading along with me today you guys, what did you think of the location for the shoot? Shoot over a comment and lets chat! Enjoy the rests of the weekend! – I’m excited as this week Jacob and I are back in Poland for a second time!


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*This was a family holiday
[Photography] – Thomas Benjamin Cooper

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