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There is nothing better than stumbling across a lovely studio-based shop when you are on holiday. A place with local treasures and oddities to take home as a reminder of the time spent away from your normal reality. I love a trinket, something that has a story attached to it.

Happy Saturday you lovely people, I hope everyone is having a blast this weekend. I wanted to share with you, a tile shop Jacob and I stumbled across whilst wondering around Newlyn, Cornwall. Sadly it is no longer in the location in Newlyn but at this address below. Still I’ll share our adventure to this brilliant space.

– Welcome To Welbeck Tiles Studio –

Address: The Strand, Newlyn, Cornwall TR18 5HW

Selection Of Handmade Cornish Welbeck Tiles In Penzance

Down in Newlyn, Cornwall you would have found a little studio room that overlooks the harbour waterfront. This Aladdin style ‘cave of wonders’ was full of the prettiest handmade Cornish tiles. The studio opened from 11am for a couple of hours throughout the week and had 3 rooms with an extensive selection of designs.

Sadly as I write up this post, the studio seems to have moved a little further away from its location in Newlyn, Cornwall. Still within driving distance from its original harbour view, the Welbeck Tiles Studio can now be found in the new location listed in the heading above.

Selection Of Handmade Cornish Welbeck Tiles In Penzance

Welbeck Tiles are widely known for their traditional technique in tile construction and design. Creating a delicate and innovative selection of tiles with the highest quality. Due to the nature of craftsmanship you’ll find each piece is second-to-none and brilliantly unique. Every piece is very much one-of-a-kind and that gives you a special selection of imperfection that is in itself, truly wonderful.

Selection Of Handmade Cornish Welbeck Tiles In Penzance

How cute are all these floral printed designs. The pretty (and slightly vintage looking) tiles were laid out across the tables and surfaces in neat rows. They were stacked high towers and in boxes across the base of the studio floor. With so much choice, it was a little difficult to choose just one. But I was determined to make this happen.

Selection Of Handmade Cornish Welbeck Tiles In Penzance

I spent a good portion of my time flicking through each section to find a tile I could purchase as a trinket of our adventure to Cornwall. This was the first time Jacob, my mum, dad, brothers and family friends all vacationed together. It was the holiday before my mums brain surgery, so an important week away together.

Selection Of My Favourite Handmade Cornish Welbeck Tiles In Penzance

Stumbling across this collection of tiles, reminded me of water and I knew this was where I would find the ’tile’ I would end up purchasing for myself. This set of three above were some of my favourites from this pile stacked together.

I have mentioned so much for my appreciation and love for the ocean, coastal spaces, and anything relating to the watery good stuff itself. I’ve always felt some connection to the coast and its drenching ability to calm my mind and body. Each design from this pile, reminded me of how the waves can move in the sea. The levels of blue and whites that dance around one another, creating patterns and motion.

Studio Window View At Welbeck Tiles In Penzance

We must have spent a good 30-45 minutes here browsing the studio space and soon after, I finally stumbled across the tile I had pictured in my mind. It was clear to me that this was exactly the tile I would purchase. This is the one I will look back at and remember that holiday to Cornwall I took with my beautiful guy and family. It was a balanced composition of chaos and calmness, with its mixture of blue and white swirls.

And for £7 I thought why the hell not!

I am so happy with this lovely tile and its design. It’s currently wrapped in tissue for the moment whilst I adjust the corners slight fracture. Its watery illusion of movement is just charming and beautiful.

My Chosen Handmade Cornish Welbeck Tile In Penzance

There is something truly special about stumbling across local studios that sell and produce handcrafted gifts and material. There is a charm to it and you’ll have something you can look back at, to remind yourself of any adventure you previously took.

I also think it is super important to support local businesses too. Especially ones with handcrafted materials and work. You can see in a place like Welbeck Tiles Studio that each piece has had time, passion and actual enjoyment spent whilst creating the final product.

Selection Of Pretty Floral Handmade Cornish Welbeck Tiles In Penzance

You can shop Welbeck Tiles through their online shop which is here and also by visiting their new Cornish location in the address below. I guarantee you’ll find a tile design you will fall in love with! And hey, if you are thinking of re-decorating a bathroom or kitchen space, why use a boring set of tiles that will just look flat in the room. You’ll always have a great conversation starter with a design as fabulous as these.

Address: The Strand, Newlyn, Cornwall TR18 5HW

Before I finish off this blog post, I wanted to share what made the studio space experience even better when we visited Welbeck Tiles. I mean it’s not every day you meet Davina McCall casually lounging in a bath. (No shade though, I think its the eye makeup and bangs that instantly made me think of her!!)

(Davina McCall) Inside Welbeck Tiles Studio Space Cornwall

Not quite sure how I feel about the missing fingers though… you ok hun?

Let me know you thoughts you guys, I’d love to know whether you’ve visited this wonderful studio before, or know of any other handmade hidden spaces in Cornwall that are worth a visit? Shoot me a comment or come chat to me on my social channels.



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*This was a family holiday
[Photography] – Thomas Benjamin Cooper

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