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Our holiday to Cornwall last year was wonderful. Being able to spend time with Jacob away from London and everything, was the best. I wanted to share a few snaps together from our outside seating area at ‘Orchard Cottage’. Check it out if you haven’t already babes!

Hey Babes From Us βš“

Jacob & Tommy With View Of Newlyn Harbour

I spent that morning alone watching the boats below in the water. Our cottage was situated so close to the waters edge and high enough to see far too. I spent most my mornings like this with a cup of tea and a blanket. It wasn’t long before Jacob and our family friends all came out to join me. We watched the people move about, sailors and fisherman upon their boats and the hustle happening down below. I would spend so long just sitting here and that was what was great about each start to my day.

It is so easy to be consumed by our lives and jobs, our passions, our writing and our goals. It is important to have these and keep the mind active, but its also important to make that time for yourself to enjoy the morning before you tackle the day ahead. Even unwinding after work for 1 hour. I’m making sure I give myself some time each day for me now. I’ve driven myself into the ground so much over the years and writing up this post, revisiting these moments we captured together, reminds me about the importance of balancing out my day.

Jacob & Tommy With View Of Newlyn Harbour

Isn’t Jacob is such a photogenic man? I mean that low brow of his is so brooding and wonderful, he always takes a lovely photo.

[Plus his smile is my sunshine β˜€]

Jacob & Tommy With View Of Newlyn Harbour

Does anyone else find a calmness about watching the world just go by? I really do. I hope everyone has been enjoying the ‘Travel – Cornwall’ series so far! Keep posted for the next posts coming. ✌🏼



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*This was a family holiday
[Photography] – Thomas Benjamin Cooper

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