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Just around the corner from Newlyn, Cornwall you’ll find this tiny finishing port and village. It is a must visit location for anyone who is near the area of Penzance. [Just make sure you take a small car!]

– Welcome To Mousehole –

Mousehole Fishing Port With Tide Out

We spent a morning here in Mousehole during our trip to Cornwall last year. It was so wonderful to be able to share this experience with my lovely Jacob. We decided that morning to put together some outfits and find places along our day out to shoot looks.

We arrived in Mousehole late morning to find the tide was out, leaving the boats littering the sand below. This formation of the boats scattered across the beach left me with this ominous feeling. As if something was crawling up the beach from the depths of the water. Or maybe the souls that lost their lives at sea, were returning to their beloved ones in the port. Maybe its just me, maybe I like to add a little drama, perhaps a story? Maybe I am enjoying my fantasy, horror, role-playing video games a little too much…? Who can say really!

Tommy Next To Boat At Mousehole Fishing Port

I do love the grittiness of the weather against this little port though. Mousehole is such a pretty little port, very picturesque and classed as one of the nicest places in Cornwall. It’s known for its old world charm and traditional Cornish manner. You’ll find it hustling with the locals and tourists as they wonder through the village. Mousehole is known for its gift shop ‘The Mousehole’, a white gift-shop which overlooks the harbour itself. There are brilliant restaurants and galleries with all works of local art. The tiny and narrow roads run through the village in a maze-like, one-way system. [Remember I said you need a small car earlier on, this is why babes!?] You’ll also find parking a tad limited, depends on the time of day really, but you can find your way into the village if you park on the outskirts of Mousehole.

Close Up Of Yellow Rimmed Boat In Mousehole Fishing Port

I enjoyed wondering the beach with Jacob and we stopped to take photos along the way. I’ve always wondered why boats where named after people. Who is Molly and what was her story. It’s things like this that I enjoy when I go photographing.

Looking at this now and I see it as a sign that I am supposed to be where I am. Jacob and I have talked about the future and I have always said to him, I would love a golden retriever dog when we live near the ocean. I had planned on calling her Molly.

Jacob Next to Boat In Mousehole Fishing Port

Here we have the lovely boyfriend looking so natural and effortless. Jacob’s look reminds me of a sailor, the crisp white bottoms with the roll neck has a nautical theme about them. It was so much fun to shoot looks with him that day! πŸ’• And so brave to wear white too?!

Boats In Water at Mousehole Port, Cornwall

I’ve said it before, but the ocean will forever be my calm place. The smoothness of the water here gently lapping against the shore, had such a specific sound to it. I just stood there for ages watching and listening to it with Jacob. It was so peaceful.

Jacob & Tommy Sitting On A Boat In Mousehole, Cornwall

Now I think this photo was actually taken by my little brother. So thank you Olli for your photography skills. Looking at this shot with Jacob just fills my heart with such warmth. I feel so lucky to be able to share my life and family with this wonderful man. He calms me as much as the ocean does. I always imagined what it would be like to have someone special in a photo with me and the reality of it doesn’t even compare to the thought.

I Love You Jacob πŸ’›

Jacob & Tommy Sitting On A Boat In Mousehole, Cornwall

Let’s Be Cute Together Forever Yeah?

I promise that one day we will live near the ocean in a beautiful place like this and grow old together. We can take daily walks along the beach and listen to the waves. The trip to Mousehole was so lovely and I’ll hold onto these memories for as long as I can. I know Jacob enjoyed his time here as we explored this quaint village port.

Low Tide At Mousehole, Cornwall

We’ll make sure we visit again the next time we find ourselves down near Penzance. It is definitely a place to share with anyone who can appreciate the mentality of this place.

I have thoroughly enjoyed re-visiting this place whilst I put together this blog post. It was around a year ago to this date that we visited the first time together with my family and the same feelings of love emerged now looking back, remembering our time here in Mousehole.


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*This was a family holiday
[Photography] – Thomas Benjamin Cooper & My Little Brother

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