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Cornwall is one of my favourite places to visit. Its a haven of beaches, harbours, boats, Cornish ice-creams and relaxation. πŸ’› It will always have a place in my heart and I will never tire of going on holiday there.

Last year [around this time to be exact] Jacob and myself took the train down from Paddington Station, London to Penzance, Cornwall. A smooth train journey into Cornwall to meet my family and spend a week soaking the Cornish lifestyle in. It was also Jacobs first holiday to Cornwall and away with my parents too, so just as exciting for him and it was myself.

Our rental house was situated in Newlyn which is next door to Penzance. It was a good 40 mins – 1 hour walk with suitcases dragging behind us, but we finally made it. We were also the first ones there too, so we had time to explore the house before the chaos arrived and the rooms didn’t look this neat anymore.

– Welcome To Orchard Cottage –

Address: Orchard Pl, Newlyn, Penzance TR18 5BG

Orchard Cottage Entrance Gate

It actually took Jacob and myself ages to find this small entrance. We went up and down the road multiple times to find the driveway. Only to realise that the house faces and overlooks the ocean so we were suppose to enter from behind the premises. We eventually found the cute little gate that opened into the garden and entertainment space, with a view of the harbour below.

The Orchard Cottage Grounds & One Of The Entrances

Walking through the little gate the space opens into a huge area that includes flowerbeds, footpaths that lead off down the garden, a table and seating area and brilliant views. It is quite a secluded property and you can feel that you have a little corner of Cornwall all to yourself.

The cottage and garden both have a vastness to them. The garden paths lead down the hill that the cottage is situated on, to an open grassy area, past shrubbery, rock-bed and wild flowers. There is even a hidden gate that led to an artists studio cabin amongst the garden.

Outside Decking At Orchard Cottage

Unfortunately the moment we got to Cornwall, it was as if the rain had followed us from London. The skies were grey and a little lifeless to be honest with you. It didn’t dampen our mood however, but we would have preferred some lovely Cornish sun to greet us when we arrived! β˜€

Main Entrance Foyer To Orchard Cottage

Now as you open the main entrance, you step into the foyer and huge kitchen. We were welcomed with an enormous welcome basket that was FULL to the brim with giant [Cornish] scones, clotted cream and jam. Basically I blacked out for a moment because it all seemed like a dream. There were tea bags and coffee sachets in amongst the goodies and we popped the kettle on, helped ourselves to a scone or three and then began to explore.

Let’s Find Our Room

Jacob And My Bedroom At Orchard Cottage

The whole house had 4 double rooms [1 being the master] and there were 3 bathrooms in total. Jacob and I decided to for the orange room above. This was on one side of the cottage and had its own on-suite. It was quiet, and had an unusual colour palette, but we would have our own space to connect with each other.

Jacob And My On-Suite Bathroom

Our on-suite was wonderful. The shower was adjacent to the sinks here and was a walk-in, with a rain shower head system. Bliss! The only bug was how close the water often splashed outside of the shower. [Especially with Jacob, that boy likes to sing and dance in the shower and the water goes EVERYWHERE!]

I really liked having separate sinks, we don’t have that luxury back in London. We share two sinks and two bathrooms with about 6 people, so it often is full of everyone’s toiletries. One day Jacob and I will have our dream house, which will include separate sinks for us to use. His & his matching ones probably!

Continuing With The Rest Of The Tour

Bedroom Inside Orchard Cottage

Now opposite our bedroom, the hallway merges with the next double bedroom, and then onto the shared bathroom with the next bedroom further along too. Now the awkwardness of the cottage gave us a kind of charm, but it doesn’t include an accessible walkway through the top level of the cottage. You often have to go the long way round, or cut through a bedroom to get past to another room upstairs.

The bathroom below was the shared space between two of the bedrooms [one pictured above]. Outside of it was a small space that included seating and a book shelf. For a large party this house was pretty great, as the space was plenty for all types of people visiting.

Hey Guys! ✌🏼

Bathroom In Orchard Cottage

Now back downstairs next to the kitchen was the main living room space. I unfortunately didn’t photograph the kitchen and that was one of the best rooms. It was the basket of scones that took my focus and concentration. But the living room next to it was just as homely. This room had multiple sofas and chairs to sit on. It faced the views of the harbour and the lighting was full throughout the day here. An amazing place to entertain!

Main Living Area In Orchard Cottage

Next door to this living room was a staircase that lead up to one of the double rooms and then onto the master room and on-suite. Next to the staircase however was a quieter and more intimate living room. It was deeper in colour against the walls and to be honest felt a little too cold for me. It was much darker as well with heavy draping curtains framing the windows. But you can see that room a little further on in this post.

This on-suite below belonged to the master bedroom. It had a small staircase that lead down into the room itself and it included a shower and grand looking bathtub. It was this design of the house that reminded me of those great big countryside estates with maze-like interiors. The ones with corridors and secret rooms hidden behind, or around things. Orchard Cottage was an unusual space and so pleasant at the same time.

Master Bathroom On-Suite At Orchard Cottage

Now the master bedroom I couldn’t get a nice photo of it due to its colour palette making every photo rather dark. But the photo below shows the door, which leads to the staircase [I mentioned in the more intimate living space] and the entrance to the master bedroom too. The staircase itself was crazy steep and I watched in awe every time the dog my parents brought along for the holiday managed to get up and down it. This double room was where our family friends and their little ones stayed. It contained a lot of floor space for the young ens and a huge bed for all 4 of them.

A Bedroom In Orchard Cottage

Back outside the seating area looked over the harbour views I mentioned earlier. It was wonderful every morning to sit out here with a cup of tea and just watch the boats set sail and return. It was so enjoyably calming and tranquil, that I would sit for an hour and it felt like a handful of minutes had gone by. That is what I love about the coast and the ocean. I will one day find a property with Jacob that overlooks either a beach, seaside, harbour, port or ocean. I belong near the sea, I totally should have been a mermaid/siren.

Outside Seating At Orchard Cottage

Now if you look again at the outside photo above, you’ll have noticed another entrance leading up into the house. This door leads directly into this room below and the ‘steep-ass’ staircase that towered above.

This is the intimate room I mentioned earlier. Now as you can see, even though lovely, it is rather on the deep and heavy side. The colour on the wall just felt unwelcoming and I have to picture it was the fire burning logs to see myself enjoying the space at all. I do however really like the colour of both the blue and orange seating.

The Quiet Living Space In Orchard Cottage

Now the house tour is pretty much there. We spent a good week here and Jacob and myself really felt anxiety-free during our time in Cornwall. It is amazing the feeling from being in a different space and what that can do to the mind and body too. We also admit to you guys that being in that cottage alone was terrifying. Too big for just two people, you can definitely hear noises and creaking about the space.

Let me know guys if you’ve ever been to Cornwall before? How do you usually spend your holiday there? Do you rent a place out, get a hotel, pitch a tent? Come chat with me on my social channels!


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*This was a family holiday and not a paid promotion.
[Photography] – Thomas Benjamin Cooper

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