Shinesty – The Unisex Kimono You Never Knew You Needed

Happy Sunday babes! I hope everyone has been enjoying the weekend that is shooting past us! I’m so excited about this blog post here as I’ve been collaborating with such a brilliant brand over on my Instagram.

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Orange Crush Hawaiian Party Kimono in cellophane bag

Some Brand Information:

The brand was founded in 2014. Its a known destination online where you can get yourself some funky, unique and patterned threads. They set out to become the worlds number #1 party clothing company and are recognised across the globe because of their designs. The team at Shinesty believe that the world takes itself too seriously. And it is such a true statement, because we all do. Their whole concept and goal is to just have fun, dress a little silly and stand out. Or as they embrace it, ‘Stay Weird and Shine On!’

Now I was in contact with two of the team at Shinesty [Molly & Austin] as they reached out to me through my email. We spoke about all things relating their brand and what it was that I liked about it. My go-to was directly towards the kimonos on their site and the undies too. Now I’ve dedicated this post entirely to the brilliant Kimono I was kindly gifted.

Orange Crush Hawaiian Party Kimono & Orange/Teal Striped Ball Hammock Boxers

Fun, Fabulous & Fucking Cool

I love a kimono, one of my favourite garments to wear at home. There is something about swanning around the house in silky kimono that leaves me feeling boujee AF! They are cute, fun and so effortless to wear with their material draped over your skin. More people should own one.

The Shinesty design features pineapples [my favourite fruit], tropical flowers, foliage and some lil’ bird friends too. It just reminds me of the tropical, sun-drenched destinations you flick through in holiday brochures. You know exactly when its raining outside you house in the UK and you are inhaling a sharing bag of crisps to yourself. It makes me feel excited for the promise of warmer days, where its greener outside and everyone is more cheery. It will also bring in some much needed happy energy for those colder and more dreary months.

Orange Crush Hawaiian Party Kimono & Orange/Teal Striped Ball Hammock Boxers

‘Orange Crush Hawaiian Party Kimono’

This model instantly grabbed my attention from the large collection they have over on the Shinesty website. Click the link to see for yourself. I was drawn into this zesty-coloured design due to my current obsession with orange at the moment. I found it fresh, tropical and summery. Calling out the fact is is just fucking fabulous and I wear it ALL THE TIME.

The kimono itself is unisex, which means it fits different builds of the body well. It is made using a 100% blend of polyester satin and features a belt that can be tied around the waist. Being the material that it is, the garment can often lose its grip slightly when tied around the waist leaving it open ajar. This is what I’ve found with silky kimonos in the past. Maybe its my bowling pin frame of a body, but its never a real problem as they are much more exciting to wear open. Shinesty kimonos are cut mid thigh length, which takes some of the weight away from the garment and allow an easier wear I think personally.

Orange Crush Hawaiian Party Kimono & Orange/Teal Striped Ball Hammock Boxers

I’ve had mine for a month and a bit now and the quality of the garment itself is brilliant. It has been stitched carefully down the seams and feels quality when it sits across your shoulders. Unlike others in the past I’ve worn, this doesn’t feel flimsy and naff. It has a solidness to it around the neckline and even with its firm structure, its lightweight and enjoyable to wear. Especially if you want something easy to throw on whilst you are being the queen of the house.

They retail on Shinesty’s website for $69.69 [cheeky guys I just saw that] and converted using google, they are about £55, which I think is fair for the piece you receive. Now the undies [Orange & Teal Ball Hammocks] featured along here are by Shinesty too and will be featured in another post, so make sure you look out for it. Jacob will be making an appearance too, he looks so dreamy in his sets! <3

I would love to know if you guys have ever come across Shinesty. Or whether you’ve seen some designs you like, shoot me across a comment and lets chat! Thanks for joining me with today’s post. And as Shinesty quotes – Stay Weird & Shine On!

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*This is NOT a paid sponsorship, but a gifted collaboration.
All thoughts are entirely my own regarding the featured item.
[Photography] – Thomas Benjamin Cooper

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