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‘A Taste Of Greece’

Picture it, halloumi, Greek salads, souvlaki, gyros and freshly prepared fish dishes. Transport you and your taste-buds to a Greece for artisan-styled, authentic Greek-Cypriot crafted cuisine.

Any food lovers trust me, you’ll want to read on.

Nestled deep within Glasgow’s main city, on a road just off St. Vincent Street, you’ll find Hope Street. Here you will find Halloumi. [Both the cheese & the restaurant you guys, keep up!!]

– Halloumi – Greek Mezze & Tapas –

Address: 161 Hope Street, Glasgow G2 2UQ

Jacob and I stumbled across this place only because we were trying to locate my friend in the city. After walking past it the first time, we looked at each other and we decided [instantaneously] it had to be visited. Fresh, clean food [good for me and my sensitive IBS tummy] and better than a McDonalds right!

We were sat at the front of the restaurant, near the bar. It was the best location to take some gorgeous shots of the space inside around us.

The space was beautiful. Simple as that to be honest. Decorated with whites and blues against rustic/industrial, exposed fixtures. Everything complimented everything and I loved the layout of the front of the restaurant. You got to appreciate the details on the walls, ceiling and space around the bar.

Here is my lovely guy <3

The food arrived and it was a flat-lay of goodness sprawled across the table. Jacob and I decided to go for a little feast. These smaller [mezze] inspired dishes are intended for sharing, very similar to a tapas style dining experience. We went for calamari rings, Greek salad, fresh fish with grilled tomatoes, fries with halloumi and a chicken gyro. I believed Jacob got the gyro to share, but sadly not!! He still laughs to this day every time we talk about our lunch date here! I did manage to try it and it was GOOD mind you, definitely worth ordering if you ever visit.

Probably one of my favourite shots of the place was the ceiling. This type of interior concept it how I pictured lighting in my future home years ago. Something industrial, exposed and a little minimal. I loved how they draped across the entire space above. Looming overhead at different levels. <3 Mix all that with the white brick wall and introduction of plants and you have one of my favourites for a space. I’m so glad we were able to sit at the front of the restaurant and get to enjoy all these details.

Cost wise it was how you’d usually expect it to be in a nice restaurant in Glasgow. Around £30-£80 per couple, depending on how many dishes you order and the addition of alcohol. I think Jacob and I spent £50-£60 without alcohol and ate quite comfortably. Halloumi was such a wonderful experience for us both and the service was amazing too. Quick, friendly and the staff were knowledgeable with any questions Jacob and I had.

That brings us to the end my lovely readers! I hope you enjoyed this post <3 Let me know if you’ve got any other recommendations for cute and unique restaurants in Glasgow. Jacob and I would like to go back one day to explore some more. Lets chat in the comments below, or head my other social channels which you can follow with the links below.


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[Photography] – Thomas Benjamin Cooper

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