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Where is the nicest place in Glasgow to hangout, feel calm and clear your mind? Well a few places really, but for me, Glasgow Botanical Gardens. Just off the end Byres Road past Waitrose [oh stop it!] you’ll find a junction. Cross over and you’re in the entrance grounds to the botanical houses and gardens. Brilliant!

– The Glasgow Botanical Gardens –

It was such a treat to be able to walk around with my lovely Jacob in the sunshine. Following the same route I took a year ago when I was suppose to relocate to Glasgow. We wondered along the pathways and stopped next to the bench that I sat on previously and then headed into the smaller of the botanical houses first. I wanted to save the main building for last and give Jacob something to really take in!

Each room was a paradise. Warm, tropical and so enjoyable to roam throughout. It was fun to reexplore this space with my love. <3 It made the experience much more special to me and Jacob adored how calming the space around us was. Each protruding steam and browed leaf filling the space with a palette of fresh greens.

Botanical Gardens for me have a special place in my heart. The air around them is heavy with good energy and life. You can sit quietly and appreciate each plant filling the room. Notice each little beautiful vein coursing through the leaves caught against the sunlight.

The first botanical house held a small pond system filled with various fish. A generous handful of brightly coloured ones on the surface and to the depths, large finned catfish. We must of spent a good 15 minutes watching the creatures of the water swim, whilst the tropical plants dipped themselves in and out of the surface. It was tranquil and to be honest I could have stayed there for much longer. Next up a change of scenery.

Our walk took us to the arid home of the cacti rooms. The density of the flora was sparse along these rooms. You are transported to dry and barren sands, where cacti thrive and survive.

There is something cute about these alien looking plants. More importantly how amazing their biological structure is for sustaining life in these types of conditions. It would be more far more extreme then what Jacob and I were feeling in this house for sure.

I used to have tall cacti plant back home with mum and dad. It ended up sprouting new arms quite frequently and again growing in height. It got to the point where it was scary to have it in my bedroom. Panicking about it falling from across the room and pinning me down with its multiple spine-arms. So I moved it downstairs and to this day it is still happily sitting there on a wheeled platform. How exciting for it!

Once Jacob and I had finished with this house I took him to the main building complex. This grand and beautiful glass house houses large tropical plant life.

Decorated in this pretty white structure, offset against the blue of the sky (when Glasgow is lucky to have that) and fresh green from the plant life within. This space is both aesthetically pleasing and picturesque. Its a feel good place to clear the mind and allow clarity to lay itself upon you. It is tranquil and when its free from tourists, a quiet place to enjoy.

The Botanical Gardens of Glasgow are located here on their website. Just follow the link and down the left hand side of the page, you’ll find directions and maps. Admission is free for both botanical houses and grounds. This gives you ultimate trips to soak in the plant life and soothing energy of the spaces.

I took Jacob inside and explained to him how this would have been the place I’d come to most (if I’d relocated before meeting him). Should I ever feel alone, or anxious, or stressed in Glasgow and needed some good energy to surround myself with. We sat on the bench for ages and just enjoyed the company of each other. I told him a year ago I phoned my mum from this space to say I would be confident to move here and start living. That I’d find a guy I’d fall in love with and build a future. Little did I know that that moment would start the next few days back at home, when Jacob would message me. It feels like a circle loop of some sort, but I’m so grateful that Jacob came into my life before I uprooted myself to the north. Spending my days with him is more magical than I could have ever imagined in my head.

Let me know in the comments below or over on my social spaces below if you’ve ever been before to Glasgow’s Botanical Gardens? And I’d love to know of any other botanical gardens worth visiting in UK and also abroad too! Thanks so much for reading with me today! <3


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