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My little red box was a gift from Jacob. And I love it.

– D o s s S o u n d b o x –

Hiya guys, have you ever heard of a DOSS Soundbox? Jacob gifted me this randomly after our trip to Cornwall 2018. It was really sweet as Jacob always plays his playlist and now he said I was able to play my music in the morning through a nice speaker, instead of my phone which is usually quiet with its audio.

I wont lie though, I adore the little red box, it has been used loads since I’ve received it. The quality is brilliant and works through Bluetooth connection. It is easy to charge with a no fuss USB cable and you’re able to see the amount of battery left once it is synced to your device. Connecting to Bluetooth takes seconds and you’re all set up. The device works using a touch sensor on the top. Swiping in a rotation one direction will increase and in the opposite direction will decrease the volume. The compact speaker has a long duration of play [up to 12 hours] and it’s conveniently easy to bring along with you if you are out for the day, or travelling anywhere for a long weekend..

It is amazing to just chill at home with a cup of tea and enjoy the space around me now, as the soundbox fills the air with some wonderful and clear sounds.

DOSS is a brand I’ve never heard of and they aren’t exactly splashed across the screens through product placement and advertisements in anything I’ve come across. I’m talking more about the classic, Beats Electronics by Dr. Dre & Bose varieties. DOSS to me, was an alien. They are however known by people and available through Amazon to purchase and include a variety of different models. DOSS is a brand that is heavily, customer experience based and it shows through their thousands of positive 5-star reviews. I’m joining those positive reviews as I had previously looked at getting a sound-bar style, or port speaker for my iPhone and I’m glad I never got around to doing so.

Jacob paid £30.99 for this red model, as he said it was the colour best suited to me. It comes in 4 colours in total: red, blue, black & white. For those in the UK, the red and blue option are rounded up to £31 and the black and white options round up to £30. To be fair this is such a fantastic price for what you receive from the product. I’d expected closer to £100 because of its compact, touch control volumizer and sound clarity, but was so wrong when Jacob told me how much it was. If any of you guys want a cute little speaker that does the job and wont break the bank. I would highly recommend one of these. Here are a couple of specs below:

  • £30 – £31 for actual cost depending on colour option.
  • 12 hours audio playtime & easily rechargeable
  • Touch controls
  • Clear and crisp audio with a 12W driver
  • Compact & sleek in design
  • Played via Bluetooth, TF card, or Aux-in input
  • Comes in 4 colours – red, blue, black & white

Thanks for checking out this little post guys! Hope you all enjoy the rest of your day. Let me know if you’ve ever come across this DOSS soundbox before?


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