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One of the great things about being in Glasgow so spontaneously was surprising Zoë my friend at her work. We had met during my first trip to Scotland when I was seeing a guy in Glasgow and were out on a date. Of all the people in the bar, we ended up speaking together and staying in contact after my return to London. We spoke about London city and she had explained she had lived there so we hit it off straight away.

Flash forward to this trip and we surprised her at her work. She was definitely a little startled and it was so out of the blue that I was there in Glasgow. So amazing that she was working that shift! 24 hours beforehand, I was sat outside in my back garden, writing product descriptions and unaware that we were about to fly out the next morning. The whole trip was so spontaneous.

Here we all are! This is one of my favourite pictures from the trip <3 Everyone looking so happy and good! It was so much fun heading in and catching up after a year. When I was supposed to move to Scotland, Zoë and myself had a plan to conquer Glasgow together. But that all changed though, because I met Jacob before my relocation up to Scotland.

The salon/barber/hairdresser is defo worth a visit if you are looking for a place to get your hair did. An Instagram rich space with unique and quirky architectural design. They use Kevin Murphy hair products and stock a wide range of them for customers to purchase. Also their skull pot is fun, I’ve got one back home too!

Aren’t these bottle designs wonderful though!?

Just a little appreciation blog post to an amazing lady I’ve only know for a small amount of time. Zoë has such a great warm energy and vibe to her. An absolute beauty! I’m going to see whether Jacob would like to go back to Glasgow, summer 2019 and we can meet up properly with this cutie for drinks and dinner. That could be fun!

Hope you’re all enjoying following my Travel posts my lovely readers! <3


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[Photography] – Thomas Benjamin Cooper

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