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On a day off you’ll likely find me at a cute coffee shop somewhere and it is the same whilst I’m on holiday. Probably more so as I’ve not got the same distractions around me as I do when I’m near my home. It is the best thing ever to sit and watch the world go by and that is exactly what Jacob and myself did when we visited Glasgow, Scotland back in May 2018.

I mentioned in my previous post featuring the glorious DEKOTA DELUXE HOTEL that we both stayed in, that we were in Glasgow for my birthday! So it was a surprise trip in which I got to show Jacob all the places I visited that I was told about or stumbled across that led me to fall in love with the city. Also for those who are new the blog (Hello!!) but you’ll probably not know that before I met Jacob I was supposed to relocate to Glasgow and live in the city. I had everything planned out and booked, with a flat and potential jobs lined up. I gave that all up after a week of knowing Jacob and it was the best decision I have ever made. Now fast-forward to Glasgow 2018 and just under a year of meeting Jacob and I am back in the same space but with this beautiful guy next to me. They say its crazy how much can change within a year.

There were so many places around Glasgow I wanted to share with Jacob. Places that I fell in love with. Places that would be my local go-to café. Places that I could sit or stay for a while and surround myself with good energy. The Glasgow Botanical Gardens for example heavily calmed me and an important place to show Jacob whilst exploring. We walked for miles as I did myself a year ago before that date. They were so many beautiful places around the area of Finnieston. You’ll find this area above the North bank of the River Clyde. There was lots to explore and we were greeted with rare sunny and warm weather.

To be honest I cant exactly remember the name of this building. But it was so impressive as much of the rest of Glasgow is. It reminded me of Hogwarts with its gothic-style aged design. Someone correct me and let me know if you know what this is called. I was really drawn into the colour palette of the tulips to be honest. The black and pink were an unusual combination, but amazing though.

This café actually has the best memories and meaning to me now. It was one of the first coffee houses I was introduced to. It’s so beautiful and quirky and exactly how I would have a coffee shop, if I owned one. Before Jacob, I was planning to move out to Scotland and I wanted this to be my regular coffee shop/ possible place of work. It was fabulous to come back and enjoy the food again along with Jacob. We went for a cappuccino and lemonade to fuel us for our adventure. It was so much fun to watch the world go by and we ended up running into the guy I had dated previously. Bit awkward, but Jacob was amazing at reassuring me because I looked like I had seen a ghost. For a place I’ve been too a couple times in my life I already associate it with so much that has happened to me. Being there with Jacob is the most special memory I have though. <3

Back to the food though, and hands down the best version of a croissant I have ever consumed. I remember it being pear, basil and some form of cheese? It was rather delicious and worth waiting a whole year to sample once again. Jacob’s panini style toastie was full of peppers and avocado and another yummy addition to the menu.

He makes my heart swoon <3

What a little cutie pie!

The coffee house was situated along Argyle Street in Finnieston. Sadly I cannot for the life of me remember the name and google maps was unable to show me the shop front. Maybe its closed down since our visit?

Below we have Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum. An immense space full of big open rooms showcasing Scottish heritage, history and also various arts.

The grounds around the museum were thick with trees, grass and flowers. Kelvingrove Park was a maze of pathways and excitement. You’ll find bridges across a river, cute fountains, steep enclosures with flowerbeds neatly bordering an area. Come summer or the few random days of sunshine, everyone from Finnieston is here relaxing on the grass.

Our walk led us from Kelvingrove Park towards Byres Road, where some cute shops lay, like Oliver Bonas and the main place of interest, the Glasgow Botanical Gardens. [I’ll write that up in another post later and you will be able to find it by clicking the link]

We stopped again for more of a breakfast as we were both hungry and looking forward to something a little more hearty to fill our tummies. We came across this place because I was trying to find a juice shop that I found out had closed down. A shame as I wanted to buy some black lemonade for Jacob to try. I’d had it previously on my visit and thought it was great!

Again Google maps is not showing me the exact name, but from the map I believe it is the cookhouse next door to Mario’s Plaice and Santander bank. A shame as I wanted to link you guys! Hopefully the pictures

We both ate like kings. Jacob had a fry up and tried black pudding, Scottish square sausage and haggis? I decided to be super cosmopolitan and go for avocado on toast! CLASSIC ME. One thing I wanted to note really apart from the amazing food, was the actual concept of the cookhouse. It had this wonderful balcony and over looked the rest of the café space below. The contemporary glass and exposed metal gave this place a real city vibe. It was modern and extremely bright inside which was wonderful. I feel they heavily used lines and shapes in the space to create something clean and minimal.

I remember also that to the side of us, was a lady who lived closed by who was having her house renovated. I hope that all panned out ok for her as she told us how they were taking longer to finish up the job and she didn’t have a flat to properly live in. Least she could come chill up here with us and watch the world go by.

Off we went again and I took Jacob through Ashton Lane which apparently is so beautiful and lively at night time. The darkness is illuminated with trials of twinkly lights encasing this side street with a kind of magic.

There are pubs and bars on either side of the street running the entire length of the strip. The street itself is quite photogenic and the details are brilliant. I imagine during summer this area is like a hive buzzing with activity. Maybe one day I’ll take Jacob back and we’ll grab my friend Zoe who lives in Glasgow for some drinks!

After exploring we headed back to the hotel for a rest and later again went out to explore some more. There was so much I wanted to share and experience with Jacob so we were feeling a little tired at this point. Below we were actually on the way to a surprise birthday dinner for my birthday that Jacob had put together and I was just taken in again with the nostalgia of being here in Glasgow and the beautiful architecture everywhere.

“Sorry Jacob, just want to get a snap of this quickly!!” – [Tommy: May 2018]

Ingram street was the other side of where the Botanical Gardens were located. We headed to the main city centre for a look at the shops and so my guy could see its glory. Such a beautiful city with the old stone brick that lines every street. We sat here for a juice and not another coffee. I was literally buzzing from the days exploring!

And what’s left, if not pose with some Iron Brew which you can find on EVERY shelf in the stores. How cute right? Glasgow is definitely small enough to explore on foot, but defo need a good few days to run around as it has a lot of great places. Sorry Jacob for making you walk so much!

Don’t mind us gals living out our best Kris Jenner lifestyle. Its so important to me and fabulous to have someone to do photos like this with. I’m so grateful to be sharing my life with Jacob. He makes me so happy <3

I wont lie I was feeling these frames. SHOULD have got them for us!

Thanks for reading today my lovely people! <3


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