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Tommy & Jacob take Glasgow, Scotland. Well we did back in May 2018 for my birthday. It was a huge surprise and looking back at the photos, its so much fun to reminisce over the 48 hours we spent there. Like the ‘Prague Travel Series‘ which you can read about here in the link. I will be splitting my Glasgow trip into segments. A much easier read for you lovely readers who take the time to follow my blog and journey. It also makes it easier for me to jot down the hurricane of thoughts I have regarding my trip as a whole!

A new modern classic – Dakota Deluxe

Dakota Deluxe – Glasgow [5⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐]

Address: 179 West Regent Street, Glasgow G2 4DP

Nestled deep in Glasgow sits a matte black cube. The hotel Dakota Deluxe is just a short walk from the River Clyde, and around a 20 minute stride to the town centre. This hotel sits perfectly as a quiet and intimate get away. Take a look through this post to get a feel of the hotel that we stayed in.

Looks like someone was eager to get into the hotel and get checked in!

Upon walking into the hotel you are greeted to the contrast of darkness against the natural light outside. A cloud of mirrors and light rain down into the space to illuminate the hotels foyer. Just adjacent to this front room lay the welcome desk. We were warmly greeted and swiftly given our room key. I remember how quiet the hotel was compared to the city outside. It was almost like stepping away from the real world. It was wonderful.

Jacob (being the lovely man he is), had phoned ahead to let the hotel know that it was an important visit for us, as it was my birthday [14/05/2018]. So not only receiving a birthday greeting at the front desk by the lovely ladies. But also entering our beautiful room too, where we were welcomed with a birthday note and artisan truffles. <3

They were brilliant and went down a treat during the evening with some wine/cup of tea. Yes tea, because I’m at that age where coming home to a cuppa is the most amazing idea. [Actually drinking one right now as I write this all out]

The room although quite dark, was rather calming. It was rich in plush furniture and heavy with its colour palette. And it worked to be honest. Although the idea of a lush, white and minimalist hotel would have me cheering in the corner. This deeper contrast was just as inviting to me and Jacob. I knew when the time came to sleep I would have a great sleep. A real deep rest leaving me feeling restored.

The room included a HUGE bed with the most ‘marshmellowy’, cloud-like duvet and pillow set. So soft and cosy, I almost was inhaled by it. Saying that it was extremely lavish and a nice change to my usual fight for the duvet with Jacob. I’m also used to sleeper on something a little firmer so it was an adjustment! I didn’t realise you could get beds that doughy.

Anyone else have trouble sharing a duvet with their significant other? Jacob will share the duvet when we head to sleep and wake up to find me in my adidas trackies and t-shirt, whilst he has cocooned himself into a duvet chrysalis.

Hey Louis Vuitton bag. The bed as you can see, was marvellous and just at the foot of it was a small half-sofa. A great place to sit, be cute and cuddle. I really liked the white pillow in the room also. I was going to ask whether I could buy it off them.

Jacob forever looking super-cute and handsome and oh so lovely. Why is he so photogenic!! <3 In this photo looks like he is about to say, “hurry up Tommy and unpack. Stop taking photos puppy we’ve got Glasgow to explore!!”

Defo have to get in and take photos before Jacob unpacks though whenever we visit a hotel or new place. He is like an intrigued explorer moving everything around and pulling open drawers! I like that moment you visit somewhere and its untouched. Everything feels so new and special and just capturing that for a moment is what I like to do. I’m always saying, ‘don’t do anything yet, let me take some photos for the blog!’

Now the bathroom was all glass and tile in, a monochrome palette. It featured a huge circular mirror that had two lights either side running parallel to it. The whole space used lines and shapes brilliantly. The tissue box for example you can see is so impactful against the rest of the space. The whole room had a nice flow to it.

Probably the most chic tissue box dispenser I’ve ever seen. Defo need to order one for mine and Jacobs future home!! Must find out who does their interiors…

Everything about this hotel was so clean and minimal. The presentation was so lovely here and I appreciated every detail the interior designer chose for the hotel. Its these little things that I notice and take in whenever I visit somewhere. There was a good energy in this hotel.

The shower was amazing vs our bath/shower at home. The water was soft and left us feeling super refreshed and hydrated. None of that dodgy hard water London has that leaves our skin and heads irritated. ALSO no limescale marks on the glass which was nice to see!

The last part of the hotel I wanted to mention were the complimentary toiletries neatly arranged by the sink. Hello cute miniatures!! It’s always one of my favourite things about hotels. Sad right. Jacob will always tease me about making sure I take a set home.

The products had a premium quality about them too. The formulas were rich with an incredible scent to them. You know its a good place when the bar of soap not only washes your hand, but leaves your hand gently moisturised afterwards!

I’ll have to hand it to Jacob he sure knows how to find nice hotels. The whole trip here was a gift for my birthday. He really went all out and spoilt me rotten. Being told the night before we were in Glasgow to pack a bag cause we are flying in the morning. I was expecting to be doing a writing job for my birthday weekend. But I was here inhaling truffles and enjoying one of the quietest night sleeps ever. The staff were so helpful and warm and the experience was just brilliant. Dakota Deluxe was situated right next to the West End/Finnieston and in the opposite direction, is Glasgow’s main city centre. 20 minutes walk each way to find cute cafes and entertainment.

The rest of the trip is to come in the next few posts, but I wanted to express my gratitude for this beautiful small-chain hotel. I would be stupid to say this wasn’t a 5-star hotel. The black cube was a space of clarity, easiness, intimacy and restorative ambience. It is definitely worth looking into if you are interested in visiting Glasgow and wish to opt for something a little luxurious. Nights start at around £100+ depending on the time of year you go. The hotel included a restaurant and lounge area to which we poked our heads into, but because we were only there for a short time we opted out this trip. The lounge looked so comfy and chilled though, a glass of wine and you’ll be all sorted.

Check out the link here to be taken to Dakota Deluxe’s official site for more information. Let me know if you’ve ever stayed with Dakota in the comments below and have any favourite moments you want to share. I’ll see you all in the next post!


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