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Good morning lovelies, I hope you are all well. Do you know its exactly 5 months yesterday until my birthday. Crazy. I’m going to be 28 and where am I in my life? Well, to be honest I think I’m actually in a good place now. 2019 is the year I’m pushing myself further on my blog. Its all about cutting out the stress and anxiety.

Actually got the ‘lightbulb’ moment when back at the end of 2018 I was watching Ugly Betty with my lovely boyfriend Jacob. In the end of the series the story left Betty having the same lightbulb experience to push herself to do what she set out 4 seasons ago to do. And well for me that is the same, I don’t want to take 4 seasons to realise what I’m doing now isn’t making me happy, that it isn’t my dream. I want my blog to succeed and grow right now and I should be pouring myself into it. To be honest its really more for me as it is for anyone who can relate to the content I write about. I’ve said before I’ve wanted a place for people like me to come and read and feel safe in a world that at time isn’t. But I am really looking forward to one day, reminiscing back at this blog 40 years down the line and revisiting the journey I took. How amazing will that be!

Anyways I really wanted to share with you the iPhone case I got from my guy last year in autumn. Jacob surprised me with it after getting my job in the city centre in London.

He found it at Paperchase and its titled ‘Hello Gorgeous’ in a clear plastic casing with vibrant detailing on it. To be honest, my phone case has always been a bit lame looking. I thought they were cool at the time, but they were dull. This is the first case I’ve had on my phone and I’ve had loads of compliments regarding it. So thank you Jacob for pimping out my case so well!!

Denim jacket was a purchase from the car boot also too. I think we paid £2-3 for the jacket and I’ve worn it loads already. Its lightweight and slightly cropped in style and fits amazingly. Also forever using my tote bags! This little colourful number is actually from IKEA!! For those who do not know, I am a massive IKEA fan. Its like Disneyland, but for adults.

It is so fun running around the store pretending you’re living in every room. The best part is that Jacob will join in with me and play happy families. Then we go for breakfast/lunch which is brilliant. And after, we head to the important area of household utensils, cushions and candles. And usually walk out with a new plant, because it would be foolish to not house yet another fern. The tote bag was only a couple of pounds. £1.50+, so not expensive. But another beautiful addition to my collection. I love the detailing and the quirky art style across the bag. I also adore the functionality of this bag due to its shorter handle. For someone who has long arms, this option is one of my favourites as it doesn’t drag across the floor when held at its natural length.

Anyways this was short and sweet and I’ve got my next set of travel posts coming up soon! All about Glasgow, Scotland! Cant wait to share it with you all.

I’m going to leave you all with an amazing song I’ve come across. It is fuelling me with life and high yellow energy! ENJOY BABES

– Tommy

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