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Good morning lovely readers, a Happy New Year to all of you who find the time to come read my little blog. I hope you’ve all broken the new year in well! Thanks for joining today!!

Do you know what one of my favourite things about travelling is? Duty Free. That magical land between the security gates and the departure lounge where everything is just a little bit cheaper. It really is the only place I ever treat myself to something I would normally not be able to afford. Like the Tom Ford counter, I remember buying one of their fragrances years ago when I took my lovely close family friend Bria with me and the family to Corfu. I remember purchasing the Tom Ford fragrance and thinking how special it was. It was the first time I’d ever treated myself to a luxury perfume like that. That was a bloody fantastic holiday! Defo need to do it again!!

Moving onto now and learning all about Jo Malone via the boyfriend, thank you Jacob <3. Whenever we travel we always head to the Jo Malone counter to have a look at the scents again. Its almost become a little tradition! <3

We were heading to Glasgow for a surprise birthday trip [this post to come, so keep posted] and we stopped by Jo Malone to see what limited edition fragrance was being showcased. The summer collection was all about tropical flavours that were fresh and fruity. Enticing your senses in a mass of blossoms and tropical cherimoya. The bottles were neon bright and kept to their classic shape and style. The scents were light, airy and extremely floral. The blossom girls collection contained 3 signature scents. And alongside them the Topical Cherimoya which came in three different bottles. A body mist version and more potent cologne, which comes in 30ml & 100ml.

I decided to go for the 30ml in the Tropical Cherimoya , something special and miniature to add to my growing fragrance collection. I thought the bright coloured bottles were lovely and something a little different.

The scent was tropical with sharp and sweet notes. Bergamot’s fresh and zesty top notes, mixed with the middle base notes of the tropical cherimoya fruit are a beautiful balance. The fruit bares the resemblance of a pear with its grainy texture and milky-fruity scent. Delicious and summery. Pears are one of my favourite fruits. They are a fruit often forgotten in the vast collection of choice we have and I think they make for an excellent option in fragrances. A little different, something crisp, light and seasonal for those late hazy-summer days in the countryside. Pears remind me of my mum more specifically. She has eaten them for as long as I remember and I can clearly see her reading this whilst consuming one!

Its a lovely little scent full of the tropics. As I write this, I reminded by how pleasant the fragrance is. I brought the bottle with me as I visit mum and dad in the countryside. I’ve spritzed myself to reminisce on the lovely scent the little green bottle contains. A scent best suited for the summer months mind you. Lets see if I can stretch it until the next summer collection is launched. I’ve only got 1/4 bottle left!

The Blossom Girls Collection were a sweet trio of floral design. Each one for a different type of customer. You had: Plum Blossom, Nashi Blossom & Sakura Cherry Blossom. I liked the concept behind each light fragrance. The coloured cord around each bottle was cute touch too.

Have any of you readers had the pleasure of smelling this signature and limited edition fragrance? Cherimoya is a tropical blast of summer days.


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