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Fetish, but make it high fashion.

So Jacob and myself are a couple of gays into latex/rubber. But we both adore it creatively and how its been used in the fashion industry. Mixing fetish and fashion. Celebs like, Kim Kardashian & Kylie Jenner have been doing it recently. Long before our trip I had gotten myself a polo top and skinhead jeans set with braces from Regulation London.

[I didn’t end up using the braces in this shoot.]

I wanted to take a mini series and create content for my followers who appreciate this side of my blog too. My goal was to create something editorial that could have been used to break the mould of the fetish world. Making a simple scenario different and unique. Giving you a finished product with all that high fashion realness

I decided to go for the simple exercise of reading a book. An easy concept. Sitting by the window reading my book and enjoying my time, in an outfit I feel comfortable in. I like the décor of our room and that the colour palette of my rubber works well with it. We were going on holiday to Prague and we both had decided to take some rubber with us.

The combination of black with a yellow trim has a nice contrast. I think it gives what would be a full black look, a little bit of pop. I’m not a huge fan of full coloured latex/rubber, but few colour trims are ok with me.

My concept was simple and fun to do. A normal moment but a twist. Using that editorial approach to bring the photos alive more. Sometimes its fun to break the mould. Jacob and me had fun doing this shoot together.

The book I’m reading in this rubber shoot, I’ve finished and it was amazing! I struggle a little with dyslexia. But it was wonderful that morning, to just sit and enjoy reading it near the window. The story was engaging and had good direction and characters too. I felt like I couldn’t put it down! Defo recommend it: Iron & Blood by Gail Z. Martin, the Jake Desmet adventures. I struggle with my reading but I found this to be so enjoyable!

This concept was inspired by my other half actually. Jacob did a university photography series of his friend in rubber whilst out in London. They went to the city, rode the underground and sat for pizza in pizza express whilst his friend was in latex/rubber outfit. I thought the concept was a cool idea and said to Jacob I’d like to do something similar for my blog.

Jacob and myself both like thinking outside the box. I think that is a quality that makes us such a strong team and having that support with each other to be ourselves, is incredible. I’m really proud of this shoot that we did together. I wanted to also capture a part of who I am as well. Jacob is so confident about who he is and what he likes and I’ve always admired that. Its because of him that I was able to do all of this above. Yeah it’s not everyone’s taste and that’s absolutely fine. But for those who appreciate, I hope it inspires you to be bold and creative and live your life. Let me know your thoughts.

Rubber outfit is the Skinhead Polo Top & Jeans by Regulation London. You can click the link to head to the page.


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