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During our adventures throughout the city of Prague, Jacob and myself came across this huge church. It protruded out of the city itself with a rounded and domed top. The Church of St. Nicholas stood proudly when seen from afar. I posted this photo previously in my: Adventures In The City post about Prague and the city. You can see below a small domed, blue and green church roof. That is Prague’s Church of St. Nicholas.

The Church was amongst a street which headed towards the castle. [From the photo of the skyline, we are up by the castle grounds.] We decided to go in and pay the fee, to see the inside of the building. I had no idea what to expect, but I was not prepared for how beautiful and intricate it was inside.

The Church Of St. Nicholas

Address: Malostranske Namesti 5/28, Prague 118 00

[I’ve actually listed the hotel address next door to it if you google the address above. It sits on Malostranske Namesti road. There are two St. Nicholas churches. This is the one Jacob and I visited, the other situated in the main square plaza.]

Walking right around the pews to face the central aisle and you are left absolutely breathless. I am a huge fan of architecture in general, I adore looking at buildings to see what quirks and structure they have. The Church of St. Nicholas was something else though.

The immensity of detail that doused every wall, pillar and ceiling was just incredible. My photos do not do it any justice really! I found it so difficult to take a nice set of photos that would really capture the beauty of this building.

I am not much of a religious man, I do however have massive respect to those who are and the houses/temples of worship that bring people together. My other half is religious and I love that about him. <3 I know that he felt a great presence whilst inside this space.

We both stood there in silence. Even for me standing inside this space, I felt something infinite and great. The space was vast, calm and very quiet too. It as nice to be able to clear my mind and not think.

I think we spent about a good 20 minutes inside the building, just taking it all in. My other half did a little prayer with me, for my mum. She was diagnosed with a brain tumour back in OCT 2017 and is currently smashing it. She has had the surgery to remove it since writing this post. She’s been amazing and her strength is otherworldly. Being in a place such as this, gave me clarity and peace of mind, to be strong for her as much as she is for us. I am incredibly lucky to be with a man who is spiritually adept too. <3 Helping me whilst I am away from my mum in the city.

The dynamic effect of the church really is an experience you should all take should you find yourself in Prague. It is hard to explain, without living it and you’ll understand what I mean about the space inside these walls.

The church has symmetrical features that are carved into the walls and pillars. It is all designed towards the final dome feature that looms ahead of the main open space. You look up to what feels like, ascension. The Baroque organ in the church also, contains over 4000 pipes and was played by Mozart back in the day too. Just a little slice of history there for you all! [Thank you Wiki]

The experience was beautiful and the next time we go to Prague again in 2019, I would like to re-visit with Jacob. I would highly recommend taking the time to go and have a visit if you are taking a trip to Prague. It is simply breath-taking. You’ll also find outside just along the road to the castle a place to get some mulled wine! So that’s another plus, especially in those colder months.


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