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It is always such a great feeling isn’t it? Stepping off the plane onto the runway whenever you are on holiday. Especially because I am not a fan of flying! BACK ON SAFE GROUND. BACK ON SAFE GROUND. But that feeling of knowing you are in a new city makes flying all worth it. As you can see the panic in my face is there, hidden by a smile. But I was genuinely really excited and happy to start exploring!

Once we had taken a bus and metro to the main city centre, we got to President Hotel, checked in and began exploring each day we were there. Now I did take HUGE amounts of photos, but I wanted to keep it slightly selected. The hotel sat alongside the river Vltava, which ran through the city. It was nice to see the boats come and go, even through our window.

Across the river lay a rather steep hill, that led up to gardens and an overlook of the main city. Even during this time of year [February] the city still looked so pretty. But I am eager to return with Jacob sometime in the summer to see how the trees look, full of leaf. I bet Prague is gorgeous in the summer!

The top of the hill we were, sat this interesting café/bar? It wasn’t open so we weren’t sure. But its beautiful laced gold detailing and features that reminded me of a fantasy styled castle made it an opportunity for a photograph. Because of its location and the fact just behind me had a rather steep drop, I was only able to take it at this awkward angle. Hopefully I still managed to capture its uniqueness. Looks like Disney?

Below we have a little selfie of us looking cold! If you can see correctly on the photo, just at the top right of the frame behind us is the café I’ve awkwardly photographed above. Its sitting on top of the hill we later climbed. We then in the direction left, walked towards the more busier town looking area.

Here is what the view looks like from atop of the hill facing back towards the city. A little different from all the way up here! We were really blessed with sunny, dry days throughout our stay. Just had to battle the frigid cold instead!!

Most of the city was so picturesque. Everywhere you turned, you would face gorgeous European architecture and historical importance. Tradition and heritage that loomed across this wonderful little city with every direction. As this was our first trip away together, we were both in awe. We walked SO much up and down every street to map out the area. Little by little, we began to get familiar to the area we were staying in.  

We were quite fortunate our hotel was situated nicely against the river. Alongside it towards the main city square plaza was the street full of designer stores. So probably one of the safest streets to take at night. Prague, like other cities had some rougher looking areas. So we both felt comfortable with the area, but still kept a vigilant eye for our safety as a gay couple.

YES high fashion wall <3 queue Madonna’s Vogue

We past the Apple Museum which held vintage Apple products. We weren’t particularly overwhelmed to actually pay to go inside, but the outside looked kind of cute, so I took a snap of it.

The temperature was ICE COLD when we visited. This is what, the third time I’ve mentioned the cold now? We were lucky enough that the days were clear from clouds and rain and the weather was dry too. It was just extremely cold and both of us thought we were prepared for the cold. We were not, so next time we are going to bring those thermal lycra pieces to keep extra heat in. It was fine once you are walking and your blood is being pumped around your body, but stopping for too long and the cold found a way into your jacket like needles to the skin.

That being said, it was still magical to run around the city and explore. We both really loved that and going with the love of my life, made the trip even more special. It has been a long time coming, finding someone who I can go on adventures with <3 So grateful that he is in my life. 

Here we are below, looking all cute and shit on a wall. There was quite a drop onto someone’s roof below. SMILE TOMMY!

We also stopped in a restaurant to try the European speciality of Goulash. Which was prepared and served in a bread bowl. So much fun and something so different. Soup has never been the same back in the UK! Jacob went for a mashed potato, chicken breast style meal and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Jacob and I also stumbled across a skincare and beauty shop that is a Czech Republic original. Manufaktura was the name of the shop. They are dotted everywhere around Prague, much like Pret is in London. You have to import to the UK so next time we go, I’m paying to take more luggage so I can stock up on their fabulous products. I’ve been using their handcreams and they are probably my ultimate favourite of any brand I’ve ever used. The whole concept of the store is traditional and natural. Using elements of nature to produce these skin friendly cosmetics and beauty products. They have different ranges depending on what you are after. Their ‘Sweet Balm’ range is wonderful for those who suffer from anxiety and need a moment of calmness. But I’m going to be reviewing the few products I’ve got in a special post later on. So keep posted, it’s going to be magic.

The cosmetic store also sells traditional hand crafted gifts and items for friends and families. This is very much my gran and mum and I can see them both spending the time to look over everything. I think its safe to say as well, this is also a little bit me. I love simple trinkets, these would be cute reminders of the trip me and Jacob took together <3 Next time for sure I’ll have the money to purchase one or two.

Trdelník [a sweet, spit-cake that is traditional made from scratch] was sampled by Jacob and myself and our friends from work who were also in Prague randomly! A rather messy, but tasty option. You had the choice to fill it with Nutella, fruits, ice-creams. Prague is famous for these sweet treats and after consuming one, its easy to see why. 

Prague with its tradition and history held one of the most jaw dropping churches I’ve even seen. The decoration and artwork inside the building was incredible and I felt such a presence in the space surrounding me of something wonderfully respectful and grand. I feel it would be nice to talk about my experience there in a separate post.

You can actually see the roof of the [Church of St. Nicholas] above in this shot. Its a light blue/green colour. But like I mentioned above, keep posted for the blog post to come.

During our last day before our flight we stopped in a sweet shop, which held a café deep within. Amongst large amounts of chocolates and hard candies, we sat and I enjoyed a coffee. Whilst my lovely other half had a lemonade I believe. Bless him too, looking a little tired and worn out, but still such a handsome sight! <3 I LOVE THIS PICTURE OF HIM.

So Prague was a lot of walking and gathering our bearings most of the time. But it was fantastic, we know roughly where to go next time and where to eat for cheaply. We walked for miles each day and sampled some fine Czech foods native to the country. We spent a day with our friends from my old work who were travelling to Prague a couple days after us. It was random and fun [and cold]. Afterwards we sent our separate ways, and knowing I still had my guy with me made the goodbye easier. We hurried home to our lovely President Hotel, where it was warm!

Jacob and I covered a lot in that short time we were there. We’re making plans to go again in 2019 around March time. We shall find things easier and scout out some new areas. I mentioned in my previous post about the Hotel that we stayed in, that I will be putting some money aside come the new year to get myself a camera. I want to set up a YouTube account and do some vlogging on a channel and link it to my blog. <3


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