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You’ll find it interesting to know that I’ve never been to a 5-Star Hotel. I’ve always been quite strict on budgeting for myself, so it was a new experience to go with my partner for our very first trip away together. Jacob oversaw the accommodation and found this wonderful place just situated alongside the river Vltava. Where it was quiet, safe and close to the main city centre. It didn’t look too much from the outside, but stepping inside unveiled a modern, sleek and contemporary hotel. It was quite something to walk into.

President Hotel – Prague [5⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐]

Address: Náměstí Curieových 1/100, 110 00 Czech Republic Praha 1

The interior was super luxe and had a calm atmosphere. Everything was so photogenic: my photos do not do any justice here. You’re presented with two large glass doors and a warm greeting by the door man. We visited during the year [ temperatures were cold [0’C/-13’C]. So the contrast of the icy air outside, to a wall of heat that plummets down upon stepping into the building was a rush. You walk into an open plan space, with white tile floors and a huge front desk.

Jacob and I wanted a hotel that gave us safety more than anything, especially as a gay couple. A long 4-day weekend to escape London and just relax and go along at a gradual pace. No rushing, everything to be easy. London at that time had been tough for me and Jacob too. Both working in retail jobs that cause us more stress and worry than we wanted. My mum being so sick and me not dealing with it and anything very well. Everything was too much and I just felt so small and weak. This break away was just what I needed and Jacob came to my rescue with it. <3

Back onto the first impression of the place and you are invited into this huge open space. The enormous lounge, to which we only managed to enjoy on our last morning before jetting back to London. We had actually been given a complimentary glass of wine each, because we had to relocate to a new room due to a leak in the ceiling of our bathroom. Compliments and apologies from the manager for the disruption to our visit.

The lounge area included a grand piano, amongst plush seating and quiet corners. Designed with contemporary furniture and features to fill the space accordingly. The atmosphere was calm and collected and the perfect place to come and hangout after breakfast or in the evening, post adventures. Next time we’ll spend some more time just sitting and watching the people come and go.

Everything about the service of the hotel was warm and inviting. Always greeted with a hello, good morning/evening every time we entered, or exited the building. No matter what the situation, they jumped onto any requests with absolute swiftness. I guess with being a 5-star hotel efficiency is key and they nailed it on the head.

After a quick trip in the elevator, we arrive with the key in hand to our room. Alongside the huge open spaces down in the lobby, we found our room was no different, with a giant bed and large wall of windows that showed a view of the river. It had a full window ledge with cushioned pillows, allowing us to get cosy whilst we watched the world go by. It was both of our favourite spots in the room and waking up early and reading on the windowsill was such a nice start to the day. Jacob enjoyed his first espresso pod coffee on it too. And me with all the teas I could possibly want. He is looking cheery and buzzed for a day of exploring! Hey Pappi!!! <3

Our bathroom was modern and light, an odd colour palette chosen, but still lovely. There really is nothing like taking a bath in a fantastic hotel to get you smiling! Look at my little face! LOOK HOW HAPPY I AM!! I missed all my bath salts, oils and bath bombs from home. Still couldn’t help smiling as Jacob found some bubble bath for me at a store. He is a gem!

Our room was so nice and we couldn’t wait to go exploring, but first facemasks. Preparation is key with our bunny headbands. We were both feeling cute that day! Thanks to The Body Shop for these bunny headbands! We use them all the time on our trips and when at home. 

When morning rolled around, you were invited to breakfast down alongside the lounge area. And personally the best part of the holiday was the breakfast, which was included with our room. Jacob tells me now it is an extra to be added on to your bill so plan a head. We are definitely going to include breakfast with our next stay. It was incredible and worth every penny. Get ready to be drooling onto your laptop/tablet.

You arrive offset to the main lounge to a beautiful blanket of options and a dining area. From cooked eggs, bacon, sausages, mushrooms, tomatoes and other fried related options.

To freshly pressed and made smoothies, various fresh juices, tea and coffee options. They had fresh fruits too [including watermelon, apple, oranges], a tower of pastries, a granola and yogurt station, cooked meats and cheeses to kick start your day correctly. I just ate my weight in watermelon.

Everything was just available to you and it made the morning super easy to choose something and help fuel you for the day ahead. You were allowed ultimate trips to the stations, should you want 5 croissants and 3 cups of coffee, you could. A whole watermelon. A simple hardboiled egg. Anything really, you choose. They had a made-to-order omelette station which Jacob adored each day, as he tried and sampled a new style of omelette each day. He was a happy chap because of this, being able to pile his plate sky high [which he did]. He was always running back and fourth from the stations. The best time to come was early in the morning, when the best seats were available.

To be honest we never made it there early. Jacob likes to lie in on holiday, me not so much! On our last day we asked to sit alongside the plush open-plan lounge area next to the window. We wanted to sit quietly and eat, whilst I take hundreds of photos of my food for the blog!! It was lovely to just sit and pick the perfect breakfast for myself each morning and energise myself with some premium coffee to give me a great start to my day. Breakfast was never quite the same once we were back in London town.

I mentioned earlier that we managed to enjoy the beautiful lounge area on our last morning with that complimentary glass of wine from the manager [it was past 12pm in the day!]. It was great to sit and give ourselves some time before we had to catch the metro back to the bus and then onwards to the airport.

Now I mentioned above earlier how important it was for us as a gay couple to find a hotel that would accommodate us. This is an important factor to know that should we find ourselves in an area that isn’t LGBT+ tolerant, we at least have a fortress to reside to. We kept ourselves safe and vigilant whilst running around the city of Prague, but a least in the hotel we could be a couple. Not everyone is ok with our lifestyle. Some places are better than others. So until we’ve seen enough to say it is safe. We value our ability to choose when and where to hold hands outside. It might not be ideal most of the time, but its better to value a long life together, rather than a quick moment that could land us in danger. That being said though, wherever we feel safe and comfortable outside, we do enjoy the time to be a couple, hold hands, hug and kiss. Prague is somewhere we both consider to be the majority safe. But we’ll always be vigilant.

The President Hotel was luxurious and inviting. With big open spaces and clean, contemporary fixtures. We felt incredibly safe there as a gay couple and also the surrounding area to the hotel and parts of the main city too. They made us feel incredibly welcome and appreciated us for choosing to stay with them during our holiday away from home. It was one magical trip away from London and I feel incredibly grateful to experience my first 5-star hotel with my guy and President Hotel for accommodating us both. <3 We have both decided to visit Prague again and it is definitely the same hotel we are heading back to in 2019!

I’ve decided once I’ve eliminated the last of my credit card debt, I would like to put some money aside for a camera to create some video content. Set up a YouTube account and do some vlogging for any trips Jacob and myself plan to go on. I think that will be a nice edition for my blog space here. 


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  1. Hi Thomas. Jeremy and I are planning our first trip to Prage next year so we found this post really interesting. Glad you both had a good break! Would be great if you had a You tube channel! x

    1. Hiya Karen! It’s nice to hear from you 😊 Prague was lovely! Just make sure you bring those extra clothes for the colder months and you’ll have a great time! Also advise you to bring any paracetamol or medicines with you, because it is super expensive for them. I paid like £12 for headache tablets when I was there! 🙆🏻‍♂️

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