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Happy Sunday to you all, I hope the weather wherever you are reading from is wonderful and lovely. But if on the off chance it isn’t, I hope you find yourself in a comfortable spot. Perhaps sheltered from the rain snuggled in warm clothing, or on a grim tube ride in or out of the city, but you find yourself on the carriage alone. I hope wherever, you are well and safe. It is a cross between sunny and windy here. I think summer knows it is going to be autumn soon and its hanging on for dear life bless it.

I wanted to share with todays post, this outfit I put together when I was leaving Cornwall with my guy and heading back to London in May/June. I know I have a whole blog post about Cornwall to upload as well, but I shall opt for an outfit post today as I have been enjoying organising and editing my photos and creating more fashion content for my blog. But I promise I’ll write it up soon.

Now for the look I had a certain style in mind, I wanted an outfit that my guy would feel I look cute in, whilst having a city vibe to it and something that was a little daring for myself. I had SO much luggage to bring back to London (still working out when enough is enough whenever I go on holiday). I needed to wear the jacket because it was too big to put in any of my bags. However, I am really pleased with the look in general. I wanted to create a strong look to show some of my style, whilst we commuted back towards the city.


–   The Outfit   –

The Aviator Jacket – Boyfriends (Vintage/Charity Shop)

White T-shirt – Primark (Car Boot Sale)

Tailored Faux Leather Bottoms – [USA] Urban Outfitters (Feathers Brand)

Trainers – Nike

So, the focus were my favourite faux leather pants for this look. Cornwall is not as wild with its fashion compared to London and its limitless of fashion styles and trends. Items like this, from my look in general are quite bold. I thought to myself to wear something that will help build my confidence in general. I have been trying for ages to wear the styles I’ve always been hesitant and having my guy by my side has helped me so much. I felt super comfortable and positive about my outfit.

Although if I’m honest, not practical with the amount of luggage and length of travelling we both did that day. Jacob and I left by 10am and after a 6-hour commute across the south into London, then spent 2 hours commuting home through the underground system and waiting for replacement trains near the end of the track. We arrived home and I must say, not the best option to wear for LONG commutes, to say I was warm would be an understatement. (Next time I’ll opt for, practicality over impracticality.)


I did really enjoy/love my look and wish the pants themselves were a little more durable. Because faux leather is not as enduring as actual leather, wear-and-tear happens quickly. I might try and see whether I can find someone to tailor them slightly and increase the durability of the material around the top of the thigh and crotch. It would be a shame to lose one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe. (I’ve so many more looks to get out of these.)

I’m really enjoying creating fashion content for my blog now amidst all the skincare style posts I’ve been uploading. Once I get myself sorted with a good job that pays and I’ve paid off my little bit of credit card debt, I shall explore the idea of starting a YouTube channel. I’d like to get myself a nice camera to record short videos of fashion and skincare/beauty content. I might even throw in the occasional lifestyle piece too! But for now, I’ll keep up this style of content. Let me know your thoughts if you’d enjoy that for my blog.

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