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One fragrance I’m really enjoying all year round is my Pomegranate Noir by Jo Malone. I’ve featured this before on the blog and Instagram (link at the bottom of the post), but it always deserves a nice little promotion! It is a sweet and dark, fruity scented gem! <3 SO GOOD!

For those reading who do not know, Jo Malone is a luxury fragrance, skincare/body care and candle brand. Check out their site here.


Jo Malone for me is always a very special treat. <3 My boyfriend introduced me to the brand and ever since, have fallen in love with it. I like how everything is very relaxed in their stores. Don’t get me wrong, sales assistants will still approach you but its always in a calm manner and they let you browse freely, offering advice here and there. The design for the bottles and the brands image is certainly something wonderful to just absorb. I also adore how they have displayed their entre fragrance range online. Super pretty, check it out here. <3

I took these visiting my mum and dad with my other half. It had been a while since he was able to visit my parents alongside me, so it was a lovely long weekend we both shared. I brought my perfume and thought my mums new summer house would make a great place for a cheeky photoshoot.


The 100ml bottle is: £94.00 and should last you a good several months.

I think a lot of men and women nowadays, have multiple perfumes/colognes. Some specifically for every day, morning or evening time. Or selected special days when you want to just feel good, I’m like that. When I have a day off from work alone, I like to wear something comfortable and cute. (Picture a rainy day and you’re stuck at home.) I will use my special perfume to make myself feel nice whilst the rain beats down against the window. I’ve probably put on a little candle too and have a nice cup of tea to hand, whilst I watch a favourite tv series for the millionth time. (Ugly Betty usually!!!)

It is brilliant how aromas can make you feel something, or remind you of the past. This Pomegranate Noir by Jo Malone reminds me of my boyfriend Jacob. <3 He has a bottle which he used to spritz himself back when we first started dating and he would always smell so wonderful. So now when I’m alone at home feeling cosy, with my tea and tv series. I would be reminded of him by spritzing myself, because I miss him when he is not there.

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[Photography] – Thomas Benjamin Cooper

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